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How We Gift Wrap: Basic vs Branded

How We Gift Wrap: Basic vs Branded

We want to take extra-special care of your loved ones, which is why we offer gift wrapping at Walnut Studiolo. Since the onset of COVID, we have offered free "Basic" gift wrap on all orders marked "gift" in addition to our premium "Branded" gift wrap, which is a $5 add-on. In this post, we show you how we treat your gifts and explain the difference between Basic vs. Branded gift wrap.

What We Do For Every Gift

  • How to Order a Gift.We assume an order is a gift if the order is either marked "gift" by checking the box in the product listing(s) on either our website or Etsy, or if you send us a note or email letting us know. Simply check the box "this is a gift" and we'll take care of the rest. 
  • Gift receipts.For every order marked gift, we print a gift receipt instead of a packing slip and then we check the Billing Name and the Shipping Name. If the names are the same, we assume the order is going to the gift-giver. If the names are different, we assume it is going to the gift-receiver. For gift-givers, we leave the gift receipt out of the gift wrappings so the giver can choose whether or not to give the gift receipt. For the gift-receiver, we tuck the gift receipt inside the wrappings so it's one of the last things to be seen.
  • No price information.Neither our regular packing slips nor our gift receipts include price information (so even if you forget to mark it gift and it goes direct to the recipient, the price will not be disclosed!).
  • Multiple gifts / Mixed gifts with non-gifts. Please leave us special instructions if you are purchasing multiple gifts or non-gifts. In the absence of instructions: if the items are different, then we will wrap them together into one package. If the items are the same, we will wrap them separately. If some of the item(s) are not gifts, please let us know in the order notes. If the order has multiple recipients/monograms, we will organize it as neatly as possible to facilitate to your gift giving.
  • Ribbon colors / event-specific. We keep a variety of recycled paper raffia ribbon colors and can choose the right color for the right occasion if information is given. For example, for Christmas gifts, we'll select a bright red ribbon, blue for Hannukah, or pink for Valentine's Day. Without event-specific information, such as a birthday, we'll select a colored ribbon for our Basic wrap and a color-coordinated black ribbon for our Branded gift wrap.
  • Hand-written gift notes. If you provide a gift message, then we will hand-write your gift note on the card for you. Otherwise, we leave it blank for you to complete when it arrives. If the order is going to directly to the recipient and there is no gift note specified, then we will hand-write "From: [your name]". We have included simple drawings and written in languages other than English, and even a gift note entirely in Morse code!
  • Special instructions accommodated. We are happy to wrap up the gift however you'd like, and will follow your special instructions as best we can, within reason of course. Common special requests include a certain note on the outside of the package, such as for Secret Santas or nosy partners. Include your special instructions in the "Note to Seller" during in the cart during checkout.

Branded Gift Wrap

We designed custom-branded gift wrap featuring an artistic line drawing of Jim Golden's "Walnut Studiolo" art photography. On our blog, we share the story behind our custom gift wrap. For the $5 gift wrap add-on, we take a little more time with your package with this special gift wrap, plus we add a few more thoughtful touches:

  • Wrapped up in a bow.We take a little more time with wrapping up the ribbon, crossing around the package and tying a bow.
  • Florist's gift note.Gift notes are included on an elegantly plain and professional embossed white florist's gift card.

Basic Gift Wrap

Our free basic gift wrap is a simpler and faster gift wrap, using basic plain recycled-content newsprint or recycled Kraft tissue paper as the wrapping and a simple knotted paper ribbon wrapped once around the package. For gift notes, we use the back side of a branded Kraft business card instead of a purchased white florist's card. Sometimes, when available, we use upcycled strips of our Branded gift wrap in place of the ribbon.

Regardless of which option you choose, you can trust us to treat your loved ones' gifts as thoughtfully as we do our own. Thank you for entrusting us with your gifts!

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mums buzzar

mums buzzar

January 04, 2024

Receiving this gift was truly a delightful and heartwarming experience. The carefully wrapped package hinted at the care and consideration that went into selecting it, and as I unwrapped it, I was met with a pleasant surprise that exceeded all expectations.

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