Monogramming Service

You can personalize many of Walnut Studiolo's products available for sale here with initials, a monogram, or a short message.

Monogrammable Collection:
All the products that can be monogrammed


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Monogram fonts: 

We have uppercase letters in two fonts (no lowercase).

This is our standard font, which we call Clarendon. It is available in both sizes and we use it on most of our products as the default: 

Clarendon Monogram Font

We have a second, narrower font called Custom. We use it as our default font on some products. It is also available in both sizes and we can use this upon Special Request. We also use this font when a customer requests a special character we don't have in Clarendon, such as the ampersand (&) or star: 

Custom Monogram Font 

If you'd like to request we use the Custom font instead of Clarendon, please see below into our Special Requests


Special characters:

We have a limited selection of special characters and numbers available, and they vary by font. 

As shown in our photography, we have a heart symbol that works great with Clarendon. Here's one of our favorite monograms using the 1/4" Clarendon letters and a heart: 

Monogrammed Heart E Loves N

We also have a heart with our Custom font set: 

Personalized monogram X loves X with heart symbol

With our Clarendon alphabet, we have tools to make a slash (/ or \), a period (.), an asterix (*), a plus sign (+), a hyphen (-), hashtag (#), less than or greater than (< or >) and also linguistic accents like apostrophe, umlaut, accent grave, or accent aigu. Here's are 1/4" Clarendon monograms with some examples: 

Monogram font with an umlaut Monogrammed Travel Cribbage Board Dad's with an Apostrophe Personalized Travel Cribbage Board with a Hashtag Personalized Travel Cribbage Board Tease a Friend E > V Greater Than Monogrammed Cribbage Board P - S

We have some oft-requested special characters in our Custom alphabet that we don't have elsewhere, particularly the ampersand (&) and a star symbol (★). Here's what the 1/4" Custom font with those symbols: 

Custom font monogram with ampersand Monogram personalization with star symbol 

Our Custom alphabet set is also great for dates and numbers like anniversaries and graduation gifts:

Number monogram simple math equation  Graduation Gift Commemorative Cribbage Board Monogrammed with Graduation Year Monogram a special date like a wedding anniversary

If you need to request a special character, please see below into our Special Requests 


Monogram sizes:

We have two different sizes of letters: 1/4" and 1/2". We use them interchangeably, depending on the size and scale of the product. Sometimes, such as for a single-letter monogram, we may use the 1/2" size on a product that would normally have 1/4" for a bolder look. Here's a 1/2" single letter "G" on the Travel Cribbage Board, next to the 1/4", both in Clarendon on the same product:

Different monogram sizes for personalized gifts

We can also use the two different letter sizes to make formal monograms where the last name initial is larger and in the middle, or superscript like Scottish nicknames. Examples: 

Formal monogram initials on leather travel cribbage board Scottish Monogram McG Cribbage Board

If you want to specify the letter size, please see below into our Special Requests


Monogram length: 

The number of letters we can fit on each product varies by product. Look in each listing for the character limit. For most products, the most we can fit is 3 characters. 

One of the reasons for the character limit, is that we use jigs to deboss the letters and the jigs are of limited size.

Our Custom font letters are skinnier than Clarendon and we can fit longer messages on them.

For example, on our Travel Cribbage Board, we can only fit 3 Clarendon letters, but here we have 7 Custom letters (with no spacing in between the letters):

Custom personalized monogram with longer message

Here we did a Custom alphabet monogram with 4 characters but with full-size and half-size spacing between the letters: 
Custom Personalized Monogram with Specific Letter Spacing 

We have even fit in multiple lines of the Custom font for short special messages: 

Will You Marry Me Backpacking Marriage Proposal Idea Cribbage Board Commemorative Leather Anniversary Travel Cribbage Board Customized with Couples Names

We do our best to accommodate special requests, and can pretty creative with our existing toolset ...

Creative Cribbage Board Monograms with Unique Art Custom Engraved Cribbage Board with Christian CrossCustomized Travel Cribbage Board with dollar sign $ Personalized Travel Cribbage Board Promotion Gift for CFA Certification

... but sometimes we get requests that are beyond our capabilities. Those may require laser engraving or, for larger quantities, custom brass stamp debossing. Examples of custom artwork using laser engraving / custom brass stamps on our Corporate Gifts page.

For anything custom like these shown above, please look into our Special Requests


Monogram turnaround time: 

Most of our products only take 1-2 days to monogram because we can take them from our inventory and monogram them after they've been made.

But in some rare cases, with a few of our products that have to be monogrammed mid-way through production, it can add as much as 1-2 weeks to the turnaround time, particularly the Spartan Carton 6-Pack. 

We normally monogram on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings.

If you need a specific deadline / turnaround time, please see below into our Special Requests.


Monogram placement and photography: 

In each product listing, there is a photo in the listing gallery of what the monogram looks like for that particular product, so you can see which font is used and where it's usually placed.

In addition, we have a compiled list of all the products and photos of typical monogram placement, font, and size: Walnut Studiolo Monogram Placement Table

If we don't have a picture of the monogrammed product, please Contact Us and we'll do our best to explain what we can do and what it looks like. If you have a special request on monogram placement, then please see below into our Special Requests.


This is how we monogram:

All of our monograms are debossed using a standard alphabet set. Debossing means that we hammer in the letters with a brass stamp and a mallet. This is what it looks like when we deboss in the workshop with the hand-placed letters of the Clarendon font.

First we set up the letters: 

Monogramming through Debossing

Then we hammer the letters in: 

Debossing Monogram with a Mallet

(Thanks to Nicole Curcio at Portland Growler Company for the pictures!)




Special Requests: 

For "basic" Special Requests discussed above, such as requesting a specific font or size, simply leave us a note in the Shopping Cart during checkout (we read every note!). We will follow up with you if any questions or problems arise.

For "unique" Special Requests shown above, such as special characters, multi-line message, or an alternate font/size, please Contact Us with your Special Request to discuss what can be done and how much it would cost.

For custom artwork requiring laser-engraving or a commissioned brass stamp, this has a different cost and a longer timeline. Learn more about custom artwork on our Corporate Gifts page, or Contact Us for details.