Monogramming Service

One of the nice things about what they call "vertical integration" (that is: we design it, we make it, we store it, and we ship it), is that we can offer some measure of customization to our customers. 

You can personalize many of Walnut Studiolo's products available for sale here with a personal monogram or short message. Here is a list of all the products that can be monogrammed.

All of our monograms are debossed using a standard alphabet set. Debossing means that we hammer in the letters with a brass stamp and a mallet. This is what it looks like when we deboss in the workshop.

First we set up the letters: 

Monogramming through Debossing

Then we hammer the letters in: 

Debossing Monogram with a Mallet

(Thanks to Nicole Curcio at Portland Growler Company for the pictures!)

We have two alphabets available currently, which are in two different fonts: a 1/4" and a 1/2" set. We use them depending on the scale of the product to be monogrammed, to compliment the product size. 

This is what the 1/2" set looks like. We use it for many of the larger products, like the 6-Pack and the Blueprint Tube: 

Monogramming Alphabet Set 1/2" 

This is what the 1/4" set looks like. We use it for the smaller products, like the Travel Cribbage Board and the Business Card Case: 

Monogrammed Growler Leash

We also have a limited selection of characters and numbers available. We only have numbers available in 1/4". We also have a heart (<3), a slash (/ or \), a period (.), an asterix (*), a plus sign (+) and a hyphen (-). Here's one of our favorite monograms using the 1/4" letters and a heart: 

Monogrammed Heart E Loves N

If we have a picture, then in each product listing there is a photo of what the monogramming looks like for that particular product, so you can see which font is used and where it's usually placed. 

The number of letter we can fit on each product varies by product, so look in each listing for the character limit. For most products, the most we can fit is 3 characters. 

One of the reasons for the character limit, is that some of our products we can monogram after they've been made, and some of our products have to be monogrammed mid-way through production. Products that can be monogrammed after they've been made only take 1-2 days to monogram, but if they have to be monogrammed mid-way through production it can add 2-3 weeks to the turnaround time. 

If you want it to look different, if you want a different placement or to use the other alphabet set, shoot us an email at and we'll let you know what can be done. 

Of course, if you want something completely different, such as a personal message or artwork engraved into the leather, we can get the leather laser-engraved, or commission a custom brass debossing stamp. This has a different cost to it and a longer timeline, but it can be done with enough notice if you provide vector imagery. Email us for details at 

Do you have more questions about monogramming? Email us at!