Bicycle Print Bandana

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  • This is a stylish, bike-themed specimen of humankind's most useful tool: the bandana.

    A monochromatic hand-drawn image of Walnut's beautiful poster by Jim Golden, this 22" square bandana shows the bike front and center.

    What are you waiting for? 


    Here's Our Top 10 Reasons Why Everyone Should Have a Bandana: 

    10. Rag for sweat, clean-ups, runny noses

    9. Head cover for protecting hairdos from the wind, and bald heads from the sun

    8. Napkin / towel

    7. Sandwich wrap

    6. Eye cover for better sleeping (and pinyata parties)

    5. Dust mask and sneeze guard/mouth cover

    4. Hobo bags and backpack lash-downs

    3. Civilizing picnic table spread

    2. Reusable gift wrap

    1. Stylish scarf / neck warmer


  • 22" / 56 cm square.
    Screen-printed on one side in the USA on 100% cotton using eco-friendly water-based discharge inks. 
    Come starched, gets softer with washing and wear. 
    Care: Machine-wash cool with like colors. Tumble dry low. Iron if needed on the reverse side, the non-printed surface.

    To see more images of customers with Walnut Studiolo gear, follow us on Instagram with hashtag #walnutstudiolo.  Gorgeous, in-use photography by Erin Berzel.

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