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When it comes to leathercrafting projects, we wrote the book on it for DK Publishing!

Original, unique designs to help with lifting and carrying your bicycle

Stunning handcrafted bicycle bags carry the essentials and turn heads!

Best-selling "commuter essentials" for making the daily commute easier

Lifetime leather bar wraps in five styles for every type of handlebar and bicycle

Our best-selling Original Travel Cribbage Boards has fans worldwide

Unique travel-sized classic games: dice, dominoes, cribbage

Free hand-drawn printable scoresheets, rules of play & puzzles

One-of-a-kind cribbage boards: driftwood, leather, and even a belt

Leather handles in 8 styles, 4 leather colors, and 3 metal finishes

Strong yet soft, durable and sustainable, no-bumps and no-bruises

Add a label to handles and pulls for superior organization

Flexible but sturdy, creative solutions to tricky problem corners

The Story of our Custom Gift Wrap

The Story of our Custom Gift Wrap

We put a lot of thought and love into our Walnut Studiolo wrapping paper. Not only is it eco friendly with recycled paper and a soy-based ink, there's also a great story behind the complex custom pattern.... A few years ago, we decided to celebrate our successes over the years by laying out a complete collection of all the products we sell and a few tools of the trade used to craft each one. We thought this design would work well as a product catalog, something compact and eco-friendly, re-usable as a poster. Actually the real brains behind this idea is our winning graphic designer, Jon Schafer, who designed the final poster-catalog. Each item in the photo was meticulously laid out and photographed by award-winning photographer Jim Golden. It was a nine-hour photo shoot the old fashioned way, just as the products are made. The image now exists as a celebration of hand-built beauty and old world craftsmanship and a snapshot in time of our complete collection in 2012. Gift wrapping has always been a love of ours here at Walnut Studiolo. We know how special each of our handmade accessories is, and we delight in creating pretty packages when orders are placed as gifts. So when it came time to select a paper to use, we decided to transform our beloved leather accessories photograph into our own wrapping paper design. Our custom gift wrap adds a touch of handcraft to each package, using soy ink and recycled paper accented by assorted colors of raffia ribbon for a natural adornment. This gift wrapping truly showcases the love and care that goes into each Walnut Studiolo handcrafted product, and we hope the receiver of your gift admires it as much as we do. The gift wrapping option can be added on to any order or purchased as a wrapping kit that you can use. [learn more] The Original Photograph: poster2.jpg And the nine-hour shoot that made it happen:

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