Leather Document Holders

Our hand-crafted, archival-quality, unforgettable leather tubes have been used to hold large format documents of all kinds. Our customers have used our tubes for all kinds of uses:

  • as an archival poster tube for vintage keepsake rock and roll posters  
  • as a professional gift to commemorate large building construction projects, from Nashville, TN to Sydney, Australia, for blueprint storage
  • as a high quality plan carrier for archaeological dig plans on-site in Egypt
  • as the perfect graduation gift for architecture and engineering students - a blueprint holder to impress their clients and a portfolio holder to impress future bosses in interviews
  • as working on-site map storage for an engineer working in the oil derrick fields of Texas

Whether it's for long-term document storage or daily use, our high-quality leather will keep your documents secure and leave a lasting impact on anyone who touches it.

Our leather blueprint tube holds large format prints of all sizes, and our "whiskey case" doubles as a smaller format leather tube. 

Blueprint Tube
27 reviews
$345.00 USD
Whiskey / Wine Case
24 reviews
$145.00 USD