Bicycle Handlebar Wraps FAQ

Answers to frequently asked questions about our Bicycle Handlebar Wraps: 

Q: What about bar plugs?

A: Bar plugs are required safety equipment on racing bikes, and  recommended for preventing injury during falls. 

Our wraps do not include bar plugs with the kit.  There are a lot of choices for bar plugs, including simple DIYs like champagne corks, and most are pretty inexpensive. Read more about your bar plug options on our blog post. 


Q: How thick is the leather?

A: The leather is approximately 1mm thick for the  Bullwhip Bar Wraps and  Sew-on Bar Wraps. We choose a thinner leather for these wraps so they are easier to install and have some stretch for curves and cables. 

Our City Grips  and  Bare Knuckle Grips use a thicker leather, which is approximately 2.5mm thick.  


Q: What can I do about padding / cushioning underneath my wraps? 

A: Padding on grips is a matter of personal preference - we've seen articles for and against it. Many other commercially-available grips use a silicone like material to make them padded and squishy, but as a small workshop, we specialize just in leather production and don't have the machinery to make rubber or silicone grips. 

For the most padding with our leather handlebar wraps, we recommend using our  Bullwhip Bar Wraps, which are already more padded by overlapping layers of leather. In addition, you can pad the Bullwhip Bar Wraps even more by wrapping them around a layer of foam tape or other commercially-available padding.

Our Sew-on Bar Wraps are designed to stretch around 1 cable (such as a brake or shifter cable). If you do not have a cable, you can get away with some light padding, but the padding creases may be visible through the leather. 

Our City Grips and Bare Knuckle Grips are designed to fit the bar perfectly with no padding underneath. 


Q: Can the city grips/bar wraps be cut down shorter to fit my bullhorn/twist shifter bars?

A: Any of our wraps can easily be cut down to any length you need with an exacto blade or scissors. It's best to do it yourself, so you get the exact length you want. You can even DIY your own edge dye by running a Sharpie along the cut edge.

When cutting, we recommend cutting from both ends before installation, so as to avoid cutting through the middle of stitch hole.

We don't recommend cutting the Bare Knuckle Grips short because it's hard to get the hole spacing correct. 

We've found that those leftover lengths of bar wraps make great wraps for all sorts of tools in your life - try them on broom and shovel handles!


Q: Which handlebar wrap is best for my bike? 

A: Check out our awesome infographic for the full matrix of decisions: 
Leather Handlebar Wraps Decision

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