Custom Work

Yes, we do *some* custom work.

Thank you for your interest in a custom project made by Walnut Studiolo!

While we welcome requests, we cannot take them all on. We do receive a lot of requests and we have a limited number of hours dedicated for custom work per year. 

What we can do:


  • Small-batch handcrafted leather fabrication using structural, American vegetable-tanned leather
  • Alter our existing product designs to different dimensions
  • Design and fabricate custom leather pieces and wraps for special projects or vintage / out of business replacement pieces and arts
  • Leather interior design consultations and architectural details, including wraps and braids for door handles, rails, and more. 

What we don't do:

  • Any custom work during the busy holiday season (Oct-Dec)
  • Large-batch machined production, including decorative machine-stitching or large quantity manufacturing (1000+)
  • Anything using chrome-tanned "garment" leather (learn the difference)
  • Copy / reproduce another company's designs

We've made a custom work request form so both you and we have an idea of what we're getting ourselves into, and to be able to perform a fair evaluation of each project idea.

Would you like to request a custom order from Walnut Studiolo? Please fill out the custom request form embedded below, or using this link:

We maintain the right to accept or reject any custom requests for any reason, at our sole discretion.