Sustainability Declaration

Walnut Studiolo Small Sustainable Business

We think about  our footprint in everything we do! 

    • We create durable, high quality, and repairable products to prevent landfilling.
    • We only use vegetable-tanned leather as our main material, which not only provides the structural rigidity that only high quality leather can provide our products, but also uses no chromium and no mercury in tanning. Learn more about our leather.
    • All  of our leather is sourced from a tannery that is exclusively tanned in the USA, following more stringent US environmental laws, and purchased from a local supplier.
    • Hardware is sourced wherever possible from made-in-the-USA suppliers.
    • Wherever it is an option, we choose FSC-certified wood. 
    • In all of our operations sourcing, we look for materials in the following priority order: upcycled/reused, recycled or otherwise certified sustainable, and last, new materials.
    • We re-use waste our own materials wherever possible in our operations, including refilled ink cartridges and upcycled packaging and shipping materials. We are members and customers of our local re-use charity, SCRAP PDX , where we buy many of our upcycled materials and office supplies.
    • We create products, like the Headphone Organizer , out of our scrap materials. Whatever scrap materials we can't use, we donate to our local re-use center, SCRAP PDX.
    • We design our retail packaging with an eye towards reusability, to prevent landfilling.
    • Where re-use is not an option, we opt for maximum recycled content (such as using 100% recycled paper for printing our packing slips).
    • We encourage and reward alternative transportation, including bicycling to work and for errands. 
    • We support fellow bicycle-based businesses, choosing bicycle-based service providers for food delivery, janitorial services, and more. 
    • We compost food waste in our break room and at events using the City of Portland's curbside compost program.

    Questions about our sustainability practices and policies? Shoot us an email here:

    Walnut Studiolo Does Good Business