Corporate Gifts

Our handcrafted, sustainable, and American-made leather goods make ideal corporate gifts and promotional items for like-minded companies.

Custom logos and branding available with in-house laser engraver, CNC router, and brass stamp debossing. 

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Take a look at what we've done in the past: 

Promotional Items

We can laser engrave company logos into wood or leather. 

Shown here, lasered into wood on our Indestructible 6-Pack for a new product launch party / PR press briefing, and on our leather Whiskey Case to mark a special anniversary. 

Laser Engraving Corporate PR Gifts Leather and Wood  Custom Artwork Laser Engraved Leather Whiskey Case


Corporate Holiday Gifts

We can also deboss leather with a brass stamp (debossing is when it's pressed inward, embossing is when it's pressed outward - we deboss the stamp into the leather).

Shown here with a company logo debossed on our Leather Headphone Organizer Keychain for a corporate holiday gift and on our leather Whiskey Case for a board of directors gift: 

Custom Logo Debossed Leather Keychain Headphone Organizer Brass Stamp Embossing on Leather Whiskey Case


Commemorative Gifts and Employee Gifts

Shown here, a brass stamp deboss commemorating the opening of a new golf course, with our Leather Blueprint Tube filled with the course maps and plans for board members and stakeholders: 

Blueprint Tube Commemorative Gift for Project Construction


Custom Branded Leather Patches and Tabs

We can work with your seamstress to design custom patches and tabs for sewing onto blankets, hats, and more. 

Shown here, we worked with a local seamstress to sew custom-sized Leather Patches debossed with the company logo onto Pendleton blankets for Employees Gifts during the holidays, and hat tabs for the Manzanita Farmer's Market:   

Manzanita Farmer's Market Leather Hat Tabs  Corporate Logo Patches for Pendleton Blanket Employee Gifts


Branded Show Displays

Laser Engraving Company Logo on our suite of Bicycle Accessories for a brewery branded show bicycle. 

Company Logo Branded Bicycle Accessories Laser Engraved Leather


Company Swag and Giveaways

Brass Stamp Logo Debossing on our 6-Pack Frame Cinches for Promotional Giveaways at a beer convention: 

Promotional Gift Bicycle Beer Leather