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Leather Handle Colors on Different Material Backgrounds (Lots of Project Photos!)

Leather Handle Colors on Different Material Backgrounds (Lots of Project Photos!)

In this post, we'll explain the differences between our four leather colors and share lots of customer project photos showcasing our leather pulls in all colors against project backgrounds of all colors (cabinets, drawers, furniture, and more) -- organized by color: Black, Rich Blues/Greens, Dark Wood, Medium Wood, Blonde Wood, Gray, White -- plus a bonus section on Brick and Rust accent walls.

About Our Four Leather Colors

The leather we use for our handles comes to us as Natural vegetable-tanned leather, and we hand-rub old-fashioned oil dyes into the surface to make the colors of Honey, Dark Brown, and Black. These colors represent a nice spectrum of natural tones, and contrast with each other.

Learn more about the differences between our leather colors in our post: About Our Four Leather Colors. This photo of all four colors taken together outdoors in natural sunlight is the most true representation we have of the colors as they actually look in person:

Four leather colors labeled: natural honey dark brown black
Our four leather colors: Natural, Honey, Dark Brown, Black

Leather is a natural material, and each hide's base color can vary just a little, and this can affect the final color. That natural color variation is what makes our leather so beautiful: just like natural wood grain, each piece is unique.

We sell leather samples / color swatches so customers can see them in person themselves before they buy. These swatches are up-cycled pieces from our Bicycle Barrel Bags, and can be used as a beautiful drink coaster.

Customer Project Photos: Leather Handles on Different Color Backgrounds

Leather Handles on Black and Black-Brown Cabinets

Commentary: Honey is one of the most popular leather color choices with black cabinetry, but as you can see, every leather color looks good with black. The choice of contrast or blending is up to the overall project's theme or customer's preference.

Leather Handles on Dark, Rich Colors (Green / Blue / Navy)

Commentary: Honey looks stunning with greens and blues, as it's on the opposite side of the color wheel, but it's so stunning, that it can steal the show. Dark Brown and greens are handsome. Natural provides the greatest color contrast, while Black can be strong but subtle.

Leather Handles on Dark Wood Cabinets

Commentary: Black is classy and classic, and keeps the attention on the wood grain. But our brown tones, Honey and Dark Brown, can really punctuate the warmth and coziness, carrying the natural material palette seamlessly and thematically. But it is important for the tones to be a good match, so it is very dependent on the wood color/stain.  

Leather Handles on Medium / Warm Wood Colors

Commentary: The most popular leather handle color for medium wood cabinetry, like oak or beech, is Dark Brown. It makes sense: a classic wood color meets a classic leather color. Honey can actually blend in to medium wood pretty well for a more subtle approach.

Leather Handles on Blonde / Light Wood Colors

Commentary: blonde or light-colored woods vary widely in undertone and finish. Some are a bit gray, some are a bit blue, and some are just on the very light side of warm. And then there's plywood! Our customers have chosen Honey, Dark Brown, and Black for their light wood cabinetry in equal numbers. The exact tone of light wood is critical to finding the right color match, but as always, you can never go wrong with Black leather.

Leather Handles on Gray Cabinetry

Commentary: Gray cabinetry has been rising in popularity, and Honey is the most common color our customers have chosen for this background. Honey is the warmest color, and its contrast against what could be a cool and even industrial color makes a striking contrast. However, as our customers have shown, Black leather with gray cabinetry adds a historic black-and-white photo look, and Natural leather looks serene and clean when paired with very light gray cabinetry.

Leather Handles on White and Off-White Cabinetry

Commentary: Much like Black, all leather colors stand out and look beautiful on white backgrounds!

Bonus: Brick and Rust Accents

Commentary: Although none of these handles are actually attached to brick or rust walls, the presence of their colors can heavily influence the leather color (and vice versa). Most customers choose Honey or Natural when working with these beautiful tones.

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If you have mock-ups of your interiors to send and want our advice, or if we can dig through our photo archives to find certain color combinations, please let us know. We're happy to help. 

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