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Leather Sample / Color Swatch

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Having trouble deciding on a color? Want to feel our leather in person first? Our leather sample / color swatch is just what you need. 

The leather sample is a rounded rectangle of leather approximately 4" (10.2 cm) x 3.25" (8.3 cm) in size dyed with our 3 leather colors in quadrants (honey, dark brown, and black) and left in the natural, un-dyed state in the fourth quadrant. The colors are labeled on the backside of the leather. 

The leather we use is a natural material, and every piece of leather is unique and takes dye slightly differently. This color swatch is hand-dyed on our thickest leather, and our various products may use a thinner leather - our workshop selects the right thickness of leather for the right product application. The actual products you buy may not match this exactly but it will give you an honest and tactile representation of how the leather colors compare visually, and how our American vegetable-tanned leather leather feels in person. 

As an added bonus, it makes a lovely and charismatic drink coaster for your desk when you're done with it! 

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