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New Products! Introducing "The Flanders" Leather Handle and the "The Oswego" Leather Wrap

Announcing two new designs from Walnut!

  • The Flanders leather handle is a classic leather handle with elegant minimalism, two points of contact, and a slim profile for smaller center-to-center holes. It comes in 3 sizes.
  • The Oswego Leather Wrap was designed for kitchen appliance handles like fridges, and is an extension of the leather touch throughout the home.
Muted neutral kitchen with warm honey leather wrapped refrigerator handles and leather drawer pulls and cabinet handles
This beautiful gray and steel kitchen remodel features both the Oswego Leather Wrap on the kitchen and stove handles, as well as Tilikum and Flanders leather handles in warm honey tones.

The Flanders handle is the same width as the Lovejoy, and makes a perfect compliment.

Black woman's hand reaching for a honey leather Flanders cabinet handle on a kitchen door.
The Flanders leather cabinet handle on lower cabinet doors under the sink.

Like all the handles and interior accents in our collection, the Flanders and the Oswego were named after our hometown, the Portland Oregon cityscape. 

The Oswego Leather Wrap is a new offering to our interiors collection of leather handles and pulls. It's a way to continue the leather touch throughout the kitchen on often-touched and cold leather appliance handles like fridges and stoves. But it can also be used to wrap just about anything, including stair bannisters and rods.

Warm and Insulating Honey Leather Handle Wrap on Stainless Steel Stove Door

The Flanders handle is available in 4 colors (Natural, Honey, Dark Brown, and Black) and three metal finishes (Black, Nickel and Brass) to complement our Leather Drawer Pulls Collection.

Black woman wearing an olive sweater reaching for a honey leather cabinet door handle underneath a kitchen sink.

Printable stylesheets with specs and a catalog available here.

Get ideas and inspiration for your remodel! Check out our Project Gallery filled with remodel projects, customer photos, and client profiles.

Learn more about this photo shoot in our Houzz project gallery. Photography credit to Lindsey Rickert.

Gray and Olive Kitchen Cabinetry with Honey Leather Handles and Wraps

About the Walnut Studiolo Leather Drawer Pull Collection: 

  • Architectural Beauty: Original designs by former Architecture Principal Geoffrey Franklin, Walnut Studiolo's collection of leather drawer pulls combines minimalist modern design with old-fashioned natural materials.
  • Sustainable American StoryBehind their good looks, there's a great story. Handcrafted in small batches in the USA from oak-tanned leather and oil dyes, our low-impact environmental values shine through. 
  • High Quality, Durable MaterialsOur unique hand-dyed American leather gets better with age, offering a warm and comfortable touch with strong, long-lasting durability.
  • Award-Winning Designs: Chosen by discerning designers for projects big and small, from home IKEA hacks and vintage Airstream remodels to mountain chalets and executive mansions. Honored at the "Best of Portland" awards and editorially featured in Real Simple, House Beautiful, and Interior Design magazines.

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