Cribbage is my favorite game. I was first taught cribbage by my grandmother, who was a math teacher. My family plays every time we get together, and my wife and I play every day at lunch. So it's no wonder that I've created a lot things to celebrate the game cribbage!

Here are links to all things Cribbage at Walnut Studiolo: 

Cribbage Rules

How to Play Cribbage - Walnut's Rules

Our two-page write-up on the rules of how we learned to play cribbage. 


How to Play Cribbage - Mini Book

A 2" x 2.5" mini book with basic cribbage rules, a point counting cheat sheet, and course of play, that tucks inside our Travel Cribbage Board. Print this out to standard letter paper, fold in half lengthwise, then fold into thirds like a mini brochure on the dotted fold lines. 


How to Play Cribbage - Tournament Rules

These are the official tournament rules by the ultimate authority in the US, the American Cribbage Congress. 


Cribbage Products

Cribbage Board Belt

A classic high quality leather belt that doubles as a traveling, on-the-go cribbage board. The nickel eyelets appear at a glance to be a visual design, but when you lay it on the table, it becomes a 2-lane, 60-point cribbage track. 


Natural Branch Wood Cribbage Boards

Inspired by the forests and ocean that surround us, our large tabletop Branch Wood and Driftwood Cribbage Boards are as unique and beautiful as the trees they come from and the ocean forces that shape them. Each one is artist-made to bring out the individual features of each piece of driftwood or branchwood. 


Travel Cribbage Board

Inspired by the pocket games soldiers carried in WWII, our handcrafted Travel Cribbage Board is one of the smallest folding cribbage boards on the market. Smaller than a deck of cards and made to go wherever life takes you. 


Travel Cribbage Board Parts

Find extra corks and pegs in our Parts section for replacements and spares.