Free Puzzles and Game Rules

Game Rules of Play

We've written up how-to guides and referenced rules of play for some of our favorite games:

How to Play Cribbage

How to Play "All Fives" / "Sniff" Dominoes (Double-6 and up)

How to Play Dice

How to Play "Mexican Train" Dominoes (Double 9, Double 12)

Free Printable "Mexican Train" Scoresheet

Free Printable Mexican Train Dominoes Double 12 Scoresheet


Free Puzzles

Over the year we've designed a few fun, free (and pretty easy!) Walnut-themed puzzles.

Print and play yourself for free:

Crossword Puzzle


Acrostic (Word Search)


Free Acrostic Word Search Puzzle from Walnut Studiolo




Free Maze Puzzle from Walnut Studiolo


Coloring Page

Free Bicycle Coloring Page from Walnut Studiolo