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Gift Ideas for Cribbage Lovers

It is so entertaining to bring along games when traveling or on an adventure, but often there just isn't enough space to pack all your favorites. That's why our Travel Cribbage Board packs a mighty game-playing punch! This robust little item offers endless hours of fun, it's durable and it slips neatly in your pocket. The gorgeous leather exterior protects the board, and the pegs tuck neatly inside. The Travel Cribbage Board is one of our most popular gift items and there are plenty of options for expanding the board into an extra special gift. Here are a few ideas.

Opt for the gift set

Our Travel Cribbage Board Gift Set includes a muslin carrying pouch decorated with artwork by illustrator Carla Bartow and a set of American-made, recycled-content BICYCLE ® Eco Edition playing cards by the US Playing Card Company. The small double-drawstring bag is the perfect size to keep your cards and board organized together in your pack.

Upgrade Your Pegs

Our solid metal "cast" cribbage pegs are CNC milled in America. Upgrade to these "cast" pegs for slightly more weight and a wonderful hand feel for superior game playing.

Add a Monogram

Stamp your love for all eternity, or send a coded message. Adding a monogram to the Travel Cribbage Board is a lovely way to personalize your gift.

Include the Free Minibook

This will be automatically included with your order, free of charge. Every Travel Cribbage Board comes with our own minibook that fits right inside the board. We carefully designed this dainty book with rules of play, a points cheat sheet and other handy game playing info.

Customize the Cards

Is there a special meaning behind cribbage for you and your loved one? We include a lovely set of classic cards with our gift set, but to add an extra special touch to your gift, look for the perfect deck of cards to include or make your own. Many websites such as Shutterfly can add photos to your cards, and Bicycle Playing Cards offers fully custom card design options.

Order your Set Today

Gift orders are ready to ship right away, and monogramming only takes a few extra days. Order your Travel Cribbage Board today, then set back and dream of all the cribbage playing memories that you're about to make happen.

Cribbage in Action

It's always so fun to see where our Travel Cribbage Boards go when we send them out the door. One couple shared with us the story of how a Travel Cribbage Board brought them closer together on their wedding anniversary. Another customer told us he credits Walnut Studiolo with helping him make new friends while playing cribbage to kill the time during a hospital stay. Get a glimpse of our Travel Cribbage Board on the road and in play with this photo gallery. Do you already have a Travel Cribbage Board? Post your photos to Instagram with the tag#walnutstudiolo and we'll share them on our account! Happy Cribbage! Game on!     [gallery ids="4501,4497,4503,4502,4489,4496,4500,4493,4492,4495,4494,4491,4490,4371,4372,4507,4508" type="rectangular" link="file" orderby="rand"]

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