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Love them!

These are the cutest little crib boards EVER! Beautiful leather and pegs, and small enough you can take anywhere and everywhere!


After searching high and low for a certain look, I bought leather pulls for my desk and bar areas. They are beautiful, well made and look terrific. Very cool look.

Leather pulls

Love them! Add a wonderful dimension to our simple banquet, and seem to go with everything!


I purchased the gift set with the cast pegs and monogramming for my husband. He loved it!! It's a beautiful gift and even with the special monogram, the delivery was very fast. He always gets compliments on it and the size is perfect for traveling. Oh, and I got the free gift wrapping with a note and it was so classy! Great craftsmanship and presentation!!


Bicycle Leather Handlebar Grips - The "City Grips"

Cabinet handles

Love them ! They make a sharp look to my cabinets!

Leather care

Easy to apply, smells nice, not convinced about waterproofing. But ordered because recommended by the designer of my bag, vereverto. Would buy again.

Blueprint Tube

Full of anticipation I was opening the box in which the tube was shipped. It was well wrapped and one could immediately see that Walnut Studiolo took a lot of care not only in manufacturing the product itself but also something trivial as the shipping of it. The tube is awesome!!! I have already used it for travels to a conference. I received nice comments and it definitely stood out from the crowd. Thanks again!
Stephan (customer from Germany)

Awesome job

Well done guys... he's gonna be stoked!


Leather and Wood Cabinet Handle - The Sellwood 12"

To new to rate.

To new to rate.


Bicycle Leather Bar Wraps - The "Sew-on Bar Wraps"

Great Product!

The Shoulder Protector shipped very quickly and was very easy to install. A high quality product. The monogram was the perfect touch since this was put on an engagement bike.

Joint Tube
Joint tube

Discreet and practical :). A bit smaller than I thought with the cork in at each end, so best for joints that don't have a filter. Thanks!


Leather Drawer Pull - The Hawthorne (Wide)


The travel cribbage board is EXACTLY what I was hoping for. I love it and would highly recommend it. Additionally, I was super impressed by how quickly it was shipped, even though I had a custom monogram.

Ideal addition to Dominoes set

A cribbage board is ideal for scoring Domino games with more complex rules. And, besides that, this is a lovely bit of kit to own. Beautifully thought through and crafted.


A nice piece of 'soft' hardware worshippers as a sliding door pull very well.

A unique, quality source of travel entertainment

Choosing between a kiddy's plastic toy domino set to take on our travels or a lovingly designed and crafted source of entertainment was a no brainer. Simplicity, quality craftsmanship and just a hint of hand made make this set a joy to own. Buy the Cribbage Board at the same time to enable playing games with more complex scoring such as Muggins or 5s and 3s. Not only are the products great but customer service is excellent too.

My only regret is waiting so long

In the decade or so in which I have biked on my Surly Steamroller (or my Happiness Engine, as I like to call it), I've gone through far too many rolls of bar tape. I never understood why wrapping handlebars in fussy cork origami was the only solution to protecting my hands.

After a couple of days of riding around with my newly installed sew-on wraps, my only complaint is that I wish that I had known about them sooner. Not only do my bars look better: they seem more comfortable, even though they offer less padding than does the standard cork wrap. Perhaps it is because my grip is surer on the bars: I don't have to work so hard to control the bars when I'm doing things like accelerating (which, on a fixed gear, usually involves standing and leaning forward over the bars).

I did spend some time deliberating over my purchase because I usually don't buy leather products. Have you considered making sew-on wraps in a synthetic leather?


Alan Simmons



Great "Little Lifter"

This frame handle makes it very easy to pick up my bicycle and carry it the six steps at my building. Quality product!

Well worth it

I purchased these for my Fuji Feather and they are perfect! The assembly was so easy! I do wish they sold end caps as an option, but those are easy enough to get.

The Perfect Maintenance for my Traveler's Company's Traveler's Notebook (TN)

After trying four (4) different leather cleaner/moisturiser, Walnut Studiolo's Leather Care is perfect for my requirements. It darkens a couple of shades during application but returns just a shade from the original colour, which is perfect.

The ability for the leather to absorb also means that the leather does not feel oily but also removes/minimises leather scratches which makes it a MUST have for any TN lover.

This was applied on the Black, Brown, Olive and Camel TN. I am confident that this will be my go to moisturiser not just for my beloved TNs but for all vegetable tanned leather products I own... including a huge load of Bellroy products.

Works Well

Makes getting the bike up the stairs easier. The holes on the large strap are too far apart

Sweet little travel cribbage board!

Beautiful and compact. It's a fun little board to play on!

Great for the tropic sun of Key West!!

Rubber grips don't work down here in the tropical climate of Key West. The sun melts them to a sticky mess that ends up all over your hands. With the leather knuckle grips I bought from you guys that problem is gone. Not to mention the superb quality of craftsmanship and the great look they give my conch cruiser. We will be ordering a set for the girlfriends cruiser very soon. Thanks guys for putting out a quality handmade product.


Bicycle Frame Handle - The "Little Lifter"

Beautiful product

At first when working with the wraps I was very confused on how to braiding pattern worked. The YouTube video was a life saver and I eventually figured it out. I'm just not the best with sewing and braiding anything. They turned out great and people are always blown away seeing it for the first time. Thanks guys.

A great product that didnt' last

I purchased a Little Lifter - Bicycle Frame Handle on 10/22/15. It broke 07/13/17. I loved that handle, but for the price, I expected it to last longer. I have no plans to buy a replacement.

Hi Brian, I'm so sorry to hear about this! This is so rare that it is actually the first time it's happened since we designed this product in 2012, but I wanted you to know that we warranty our work and would be happy to provide a free replacement belt. Shoot us an email at and we'll make sure we set it right. Happy summer riding! -Valerie

These drawer pulls were exactly what my boring hall with cheap cabinet doors needed. The honey color, the brass accent and the unexpected replacement for basic knobs added the level of elegance that I have been missing since we moved in 3 years ago! The quality is great, the options for screw length make fit simple and I plan to buy two more complete sets to revamp my bedroom dressers. Can't wait! I will try to add pictures later...decided to paint the hall now;-)

Love it!

My husband and I collect unique cribbage boards from all over the world. Thank you

These pulls were awesome.

I love the finish and they look great on my entry cabinet. Would highly recommend!

50th Birthday

Loved the whiskey case, bought a 5th of BasilHayden to put in will be able to tell some stories for sure down the road for years to come!

Doobie Tube
great shipping time need two more words

great shipping time need two more words

Shipped very fast, even with monogramming.

Shipped very fast, even with monogramming. Seems to be very nice quality.

Great 60th Birthday Present

Got my dad this Whiskey case for his 60th Birthday. Stuck a bottle of Oban 14 in the case and then wrapped it in paper. He was so happy and excited when he opened it, he grinned like a child when he realized what I had gotten him. He was absolutely stoked! He kept turning the case around in his hands admiring the craftsmanship. He's even been showing it off to his friends. Thanks for the great product and for helping me share great design and fine scotch with my dad.


Leather Drawer Pull - The Hawthorne (Large)

It's awesome thanks came fast!

It's awesome thanks came fast!

Exactly what I needed!

Exactly what I needed! Thanks!

You guys did such an amazing job

quality is great and I can not wait to take this on the road with us for all our trips and adventures! Thanks for such a great product, also the turn around time is very fast!

Bullwhip is Top Noptch


Very nice

Like these leather drawer pulls a lot. It gave our bedside tables a unique look.

5 star

Seat Barrel Bag

Leather Drawer Pull

Very nice -- the brass rivet isn't the most elevated finish.

Leather cabinet pulls


This is a great little board. Especially for travel.

:) it's hard to keep the board open, but I imagine that corrects itself the more you use it.