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Awesome look and quality! Great addition to powder room vanity.


Bicycle Print Bandana

Cribbage for the traveler

I love my crib board so much. As a wildfire fighter weight is an important thing to keep in mind when packing my day bag, with this light weight board I never hesitate bringing it along. Traveling the world, sitting in your backyard, this board can go anywhere. An impressive little board. Two thumbs up! (I wish some of the profit went to help a greater cause, I’d spend more)

Nice case - not great size

The case seems very well made, unfortunately I don't think it fits a lot of whisky bottles. The first bottles I tried didn't fit (bottle of Ardberg 23 for example). Wish they had made the case a little larger. Maybe it is better for wine bottles.

Good product but not for my application

The wrap will not fit a handlebar with one braking cable. I tried to stretch the leather wrap but only ended up tearing the sewing holes.

Renewed breath of life

We are a family of hunters and huntresses.
We understand the process of giving and taking as a unbreakable natural process of exsistsnce.
We use natural materials in our implements such as leather for our knife sheaths, belts, boots etc. they are beautiful, practical, organic and have deep meaning for us.We believe that a life given for a certain purpose must be honored and cared for as best as possible as long as it is serving us and our well-being. We appreciate craftsmen and women who use natural and organic ingredients towards there craft. Your leather care dressing does as it states on the tin it comes in. It conditions our newer leather, restores our old heirloom leather pieces and waterproofs them which is a must as we travel thru the rainforests of our region. Nothing synthetic in it which I appreciate greatly. Leather is very special to us and only the best will touch them. New and old pieces are cherished and your dressing provides them with the care and aloha that they deserve!
The true root meaning of aloha is “ breath of life”
Mahalo nui loa
J.O. From the Big Ialand of Hawaii

Ordered this as a gift for my boyfriend.

I've never seen anyone so excited. Sturdy construction and looks great, too!

Five Stars

Five Stars

So cute and great quality!

It’s one of those items you never knew you needed until you get it! I bought this as a stocking stuffer for my hubby, as he uses headphones daily and always leaves them lying around and is constantly getting knots out of them. This is so handy! The shipping was very fast and it came well packaged!

Just perfect.

Thank you for the nice personal handwritten note! I am excited just thinking about installing it on my favorite bike!

Leather Cabinet Handle - The Tilikum (Small)
Palpable quality

Even the millworker who initially claimed he'd seen it all and couldn't be impressed was betrayed by his obvious delight "give me one of them. let me see that. wowww those are somethin. real nice." Palpable quality. Just so. They are just so poised and confident. The do not crave attention they just sit there basking in well-earned respect.

Beautifully crafted!

Beautifully crafted!

Five Stars

Five Stars

Love It!

I bought this as a Christmas gift for my boyfriend. We travel a lot and one of our favourite 'pass the time at the airport' activities is crib. He loved it! The craftsmanship and design are excellent, the leather is beautiful, the size is perfect for travel, the pegs are great quality (I upgraded), and the monogram was such a great touch.

Not only is the product great, but the vendors are too. I was late in getting my Christmas gifts this year and when I asked Geoff and Valerie if there was any way to get it to Canada within a week, they gave me a great, reasonably priced option. They were very responsive and helpful and the crib board arrived within just a few days.

I highly recommend this product!

Five Stars

Five Stars


Shre elegantes und funtionelles Teil. Einfach zu empfehlen, macht das Leben leichter

Five Stars

Five Stars

Great quality.

Seller swiftly handled a known issue with one of the parts. Will look to buy more gifts from this seller again!

Husband loves it.

Helps him carry his bike up and down the stairs.

Five Stars

Absolutely beautiful on our playhouse door

Bike tool bag and Handle bar grips

Excellent quality. Beautiful design every time I’m riding I get compliments

Excellent Product

After a long wait (not due to Walnut, but the Royal Mail here in the UK) I have finally received my Travel Dominoes. As expected the quality is fantastic, each individual domino is flawless.

The dominoes are also beautiful and unique, you won't find anything else like them anywhere else making them very special. When deciding to buy some travel dominoes I looked around before deciding to return to Walnut where I knew I could be sure of a high quality and unique product from people who really care.
The personlised note I received further confirmed what I knew about the folks at Walnut and their genuine appreciation of customers.

Travel crib

Exactly as advertised, love Walnut Studiolo.

My husband loved it-

Perfect for travel. Very well-made and obviously done so with great care.

Bought as a gift

As pictured, well made, and the monogram was very even on the front!

Travel Dice
Not what I thought

I actually thought the dice were larger so they did not work out for me.

Brought this as a Christmas present for my little brother.

High quality and he absolutely loved it! (Side note: There was a small defect when I first ordered it—the sellers are so kind and promptly shipped me a new one with a free rush on it, even though I'd customized the gift.)

Good quality.

Received item within a few days of ordering.

I cannot express how pleased I am with this travel game.

It's perfectly compact, cleverly designed and sexy as heck! The leather will no doubt age beautifully and the engraved initials make this a stunning personal piece. I look forward to many travel tales that unfold around this board. So happy.

The perfect gift!

I had it monogramed and it was shipped promptly and is just what I expected. Very well crafted product!

Travel dominoes

1. They are awesome!!
2. They are made in America
3. Look and play great
4. Did I mention they are AWESOME!!!
Thank you for a quality product.

Great product , Needed better attachment method, and a little pricey.

Great product but I didn't trust the attachment screws to keep the mud flaps on the bike. I went with a more reliable stainless steel bolt with a lock nut.

Beautiful craftmanship.

The cribbage board arrive much quicker than anticipated! The pegs are so cool! This was bought for a friend, but I might have to add one to my collection.

Five Stars

Five Stars

Perfect travel size

Beautiful! It’s the perfect travel size.


Bicycle Leather Handlebar Grips - The "City Grips"

Loved it

Fun idea, beautifully made would recommend

Great product!

Happily received and perfect for van life travels!

Awesome Products

Recently bought the leather pulls for our Cabin. Easy installation and look fantastic!

Travel Cribbage Board

We'd been searching for a very small cribbage board for a long time. This one is perfectly tiny and fits in my girlfriend's purse with ease. Great quality materials.

Five Stars

Five Stars

Such a cool gift I bought myself.

Came just before Christmas. Went back to Saskatoon to visit the family, and because I had this gadget I was able to stash and smoke at my brothers house freely. Highly recommend, no smell at all.

Five Stars

Five Stars

Five Stars

Five Stars

Quality product

Will class up any bike!

Five Stars

Five Stars

Five Stars

Five Stars

Five Stars

Five Stars

Joint Tube
Such a unique product!..

Excellent, quality materials and well-made.. gave a few as gifts and they were a HIT! :) highly recommend