Bullwhip Braided Leather Bar Wraps

  • Introducing a completely new and unique method for wrapping your bicycle handlebars with a 4-braid wrap inspired by traditional bullwhips: the "Bullwhip Bar Wraps". We've figured out how to apply old-fashioned leather bullwhip braiding techniques to your bicycle handlebar for a tactile, cushioning wrap that looks amazing and stays fast in place.

    This 4-strap braiding technique reduces the strap length to a much more manageable length. This is easier to hold and makes installation on your handlebars easier.

    At the same time, braiding the leather wraps on to your handlebars allows for covering odd-shaped handlebars and ergo bars. This flexibility also gives room to place extra cushioning and padding underneath the wraps.

    Even better, the four braids are gorgeous. They make a signature, small diamond pattern that visually complements the diameter of the bar.

    The braiding also provides two layers of leather for more comfort and cushion than our sew-on bar wraps.

    Made out of the same leather as our other bar wraps, this vegetable-tanned leather has good cushioning, a wonderful hand-feel, gets tackier and grippier when wet and sweaty, and gets more beautiful with age. The oil from your hands gives the leather a beautiful patina over time, just like your favorite baseball glove.

    Like all our leather, these bar wraps will last you a lifetime. You can transfer them from bike to bike, handlebar to handlebar, and they will only get more beautiful with use and time. You get to keep the patina you've earned. Simply un-braid and re-install the same way you installed them the first time. (Optional double-sided tape for re-installation available in our Parts section.)

    Hand-finished edging assures it lays well. 

    The bullwhip braided leather bar wraps are cut, skived, dyed, and edged by hand out of natural USA-made vegetable-tanned leather and finished with Walnut Studiolo's weatherproofing finish so it performs great in the rain, like our Portland climate! The oils in your hands help condition the wraps and keep them looking beautiful. 

    Need help deciding which pair of bar wraps to get? Check out our handy infographic in the pictures to the left. 

    Learn more about Installing the Bullwhip Bar Wraps on the next tab over, More Info. 

  • Need help deciding which pair of bar wraps to get? Other questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions specifically for our Bicycle Handlebar Wraps. 

    INSTALLATION : Installation requires a short length of stitching using included needle and thread, braiding, and tying off with twine or electrical tape like your typical bar wrap. Comes with stitch kit and instructions. Watch an installation video here on our YouTube channel:

    KIT CONTENTS: Included in each purchase is a full set of leather for a set of handlebars, double-sided tape, and a stitch kit containing needle, thread, and instructions. Bar plugs not included, read more in our blog post.  

    SPARE PARTS: Our high quality leather can be uninstalled from one set of handlebars and re-installed on a new set. Replacement stitch kits, double-sided tape, and leather care dressing available in our Parts section. 

    LEATHER: Your Walnut Studiolo product uses natural, vegetable-tanned leather and will not look exactly as pictured here. Real, natural leather carries is a natural material, so every hide has unique characteristics that individually personalize each product. Just as no two fingerprints are alike, each piece of leather is distinctive in its color, grain, and markings, which may include scars, mars, or blemishes that are a natural part of the cow's life and a sign of the high quality of the leather we use.

    COLORS: Honey, Dark Brown, Black 

    MATERIALS: Hand-dyed, vegetable-tanned leather

    DIMENSIONSAn order of braided bar wraps comes (2) specially-designed straps of leather for braiding on bar wraps - 1 for each side - with ample length to accommodate drop bars.

    MONOGRAMMING: Sorry, monogramming is not available for this item. 

    PHOTOGRAPHY: To see images of customer bikes with Walnut Studiolo leather handlebar wraps, follow us on Instagram with hashtag #walnutstudiolo. Photography credit: in-use photography by Erin Berzel



Customer Reviews

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Beautiful product

At first when working with the wraps I was very confused on how to braiding pattern worked. The YouTube video was a life saver and I eventually figured it out. I'm just not the best with sewing and braiding anything. They turned out great and people are always blown away seeing it for the first time. Thanks guys.

Bullwhip is Top Noptch



Stunning. I spent a late night with my wife Tina, attempting to braid the first half of a vintage Cinelli Criterium handlebar for my Conquers D elegance show bike, a1980 De Rosa Professional. We are not the types that read the directions but we should have...as well as watched the tutorials. We spent the rest of the night dreaming about the proper braiding process and now we are experts. The Bullwhip bars are stunning. The Walnut Studio leather is by far the best available
You will not be disappointed.


Turned my handlebars into a work of art! Always getting compliments on local rides. High quality, and just plain beautiful.

These look great and they're super unique.

A little tricky to braid but once you get it you'll be fine. Bar plugs are a little tricky too but a little proofide will get it right in there.

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