Bicycle Handlebar Grips - The "Bare Knuckle Grips"

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  • 15% OFF and NATURAL NOW 40% Off! Tough enough for a chopper, sophisticated enough for a Dutch bike. No matter your bike style, the Bare Knuckle Grips make a statement while putting the feel of fine leather beneath your hands.

    The Bare Knuckle Grips sew on to your flat handlebars, similar to our City Grips, however, the cut-out finger holds show off the chrome of your handlebars for a modern twist on an old-world material that is as functional for tactile gripping as it is stunning in design.

    The vegetable-tanned leather is finished with Walnut Studiolo’s weatherproof dressing for durability that stands up to any condition.

    The simple installation will be a point of pride. The Bare Knuckle Grips come as a kit that you install yourself and includes pre-punched stitching guides, needle and waxed thread in white, tan, dark brown, or black, and instructions (bar ends not included).

    Need help deciding which pair of bar wraps to get? Check out our handy infographic.