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Extra Pegs for Travel Cribbage Boards

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Always be prepared with a spare set of pegs for our Travel Cribbage Boards - or upgrade older boards from wire pegs to solid metal. 

Deluxe and Mini Deluxe Travel Cribbage Boards

Our Deluxe and Mini Deluxe Travel Cribbage Boards come with 3 pairs of solid "cast" metal pegs in different sizes. Pegs are stored loose inside the cutout in the board, or in the (included) peg storage envelope, which features a handwritten count pointing "cheat sheet". 

  • Deluxe pegs come with 6 "Small" pegs, 2 each in Black, Brass, and Silver.

  • Mini Deluxe come with 6 "Mini" pegs, 2 each in Black, Brass, and Silver. 

Original Travel Cribbage Board

Peg tubes are interchangeable in the board, but cast pegs don't fit inside the wire peg tube, which is smaller. 

Note: 3 sets of pegs do not fit in either tube, with the exception that you can fit 2 sets of cast pegs + 1 set of wire pegs in the cast peg tube for 3-person cribbage


  • Crafted "wire" pegs are the most lightweight, shaped to a fine point, and are perfect for travelers because you can replace them with 14 gauge solid copper wire at any hardware store in the world. Wire pegs come in red and black solid copper. 

  • Solid metal "cast" cribbage pegs are CNC milled in America. Upgrade to the "cast" pegs for slightly more weight but a wonderful hand feel. "Cast" metal pegs come in black and brass. (Learn more about the differences in metal fabrication)


  • With the Brass Tube and Cork Closure

  • Pegs Only (no tube)

Replacement Corks for the Original Travel Cribbage Board and Leather Care also available in our Parts section

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    Wonderful tiny pegs for my travel cribbage set! And the seller was very responsive with an erroneous delivery message! Many thanks - came fast and they are perfect!