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Meet Tanuki, Our New Shop Kitten

Meet Tanuki, Our New Shop Kitten

We are delighted to introduce our new workshop assistant, Tanuki the kitten.

Tanuki is a hypo-allergenic Siberian kitten who loves belly rubs and has a purr like a Harley Davidson.

She came home with us on February 27th at 12 weeks old and is still learning the ropes at Walnut Studiolo. Expect lots of floofy kitten photos in the future.

If you need more kitten photos in your life, you can follow along on Tanuki's own Instagram account, @tanuki.the.cat.

2 Responses

Cat Exotica

Cat Exotica

November 27, 2023

Loved reading about Tanuki’s playful actions and charming personality. Wishing you and your team many joyful moments together. Looking forward to more delightful updates featuring this cute shop kitten

Brian Feinberg

Brian Feinberg

July 11, 2023

Great kitty!

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