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"Artisans Cooperative" Fundraiser


Thank you for a successful fundraiser! Artisans Cooperative has now been fully formed, funded, launched. Walnut Studiolo customers contributed over $500! Check out the new marketplace:


From 2022 - 2024, we ran a special fundraiser for Artisans Cooperative on our website through the sale of a special limited edition leather keychain and round-up tips during checkout.

About the Fundraiser Keychain

All net proceeds from the sale of this keychain will be donated to Artisans Cooperative, who is building us an online handmade marketplace for artisans: a co-op alternative to Etsy. This co-op will help artists and artisans of all kinds through democratic ownership and control over their prime selling place.

This fundraiser item is part of the Artisans Cooperative's "mutual aid" fundraiser: the co-op respects the cost of artist time and materials and only asks for net proceeds. We are very supportive of this co-op, but we are just one of many artisans creating a special fundraiser item. 

We practice transparency in giving: donations will be demonstrated and updated on this blog post and in our social media and newsletter. Jump to Transparency in Giving.

Shopping Cart Tips for Artisans Cooperative

In our shopping cart, you will now see an option during checkout on the payment page to add a "tip" for Artisans Cooperative. Round up your order to the next dollar, donate a percentage of your order, or contribute any amount you like. 100% of your donation (less payment processing fees) will go to the co-op. 

The charity round-up tool is not available with ShopPay. Please select the standard checkout option to donate.

Add a “tip” for Artisans Cooperative on our checkout page.

Mutual-Aid Fundraiser for Artisans Cooperative

Transparency in Giving

We will run our fundraiser similar to the way we ran the No Kid Hungry fundraiser and Voices for Children Ukraine fundraiser: in a spirit of openness and transparency. The fundraiser will run through the end of 2022 and we have a modest-but-achievable fundraising goal of $200 to help Artisans Cooperative. (Let's hope we exceed that goal!)

Follow along here on this blog post and on our social media and email newsletters as we try to reach our goal. We plan to update donations monthly and will provide a report on donations here.

Follow the progress of the co-op's fundraiser on their Ko-fi fundraiser page. The co-op is currently volunteer-run and operating on small donations. Donations pay for start-up expenses like domain hosting, email programs, incorporation documentation, legal advice, and start-up clinics. 

Please consider additional support for Artisans Cooperative: join their newsletter, spread the word, or check out their "Patreon-style" digital rewards program. Learn more about Artisans Cooperative on their website,  



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