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A Couple That Plays Cribbage Together Stays Together

We all know how easily the rigors of daily life can overshadow simple pleasures. Sometimes all it takes is a special gift on a momentous occasion to help us reconnect with what matters most.

Genavee Telford says she and her husband Tom used to play cribbage all the time before they had their three kids. That's why when it came time to celebrate their 10th anniversary, Genavee knew just the gift.

"I was excited to find the Walnut Studiolo Travel Cribbage Board that I could personalise and that was rather stylish. I wanted a memento to pay tribute to our life as a couple."

Genavee even added a monogram to personalize the board: the date of their wedding.

Genavee is a busy water infrastructure planning analyst and Tom is a financial advisor, so the two wanted to celebrate their anniversary in a relaxing and inspiring way that would allow them to reconnect with each other.

Genavee says they spent a special weekend together doing all the things they loved, or thought they might like to try. "We left our three children with my parents for two nights and had a 'staycation'. We tried yoga, tried all the nice cafes we have been wanting to try for years (for breakfast, lunch and dinner!), did a gym session, got massages and checked out a jazz piano bar. It was a fabulous weekend spent enjoying each other’s company without the demands of our young children."

As for the pocket-size Travel Cribbage Board, Genavee says it definitely got to be a part of the weekend's festivities. "We had a lovely morning in the park playing cribbage and brought it around with us. In fact we even had a game when out at a trendy breakfast cafe. Other patrons were rather intrigued."

Genavee says life as a couple for the Telfords is a partnership. "We support each other in achieving our personal, family and professional goals. Tom puts up with my bossy nature and I put up with his obsession with all things sport."

You can see our Travel Cribbage Board here and learn how to play cribbage with our own custom instructions (it's easy and fun!).

Genavee and Tom - cheers to you for many more years!

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Jay and Janet

Jay and Janet

July 11, 2023

My wife and I took a year off and rode our bikes around the world in 2014/2015. We took along one of these travel cribbage boards and loved it. There’s no accounting for how many games we played in our tent, in people’s homes or just on the road somewhere but it was quite a few. When we got back home, we agreed we each won 50% of the games. A few weeks later we couldn’t find our set and bought another with the new, solid pins. It works just as well but without the miles on it…months later the original turned up once again, with the original copper wire pins!!! We now have a lifetime supply of these wonderful little boards. You should see the miniature playing cards we found to go with them!!!

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