Travel Dominoes in a Muslin Bag

  • Called the “Friend Makers” by Sunset Magazine, the Travel Dominoes are Walnut Studiolo’s design-inspired take on the classic game.

    Our travel dominoes are a lightweight yet beautiful option that stashes easily in your bicycle bag, briefcase, or glove box.

    The dominoes are laser cut from Baltic birch ply into a handheld size with artistic pips (dominoes dots).

    These beautiful wood dominoes come in an economical and practical muslin bag.

    Our Travel Dominoes are also available in a Handcrafted Baltic Birch Box instead on this listing The Baltic birch box complements the vegetable-tanned leather lid, and a snap closure keeps the dominoes secure.

    Handmade in the USA, the Travel Dominoes make it easy to engage family and friends in a time-tested game and pass down time in style.


  • HOW TO PLAY DOMINOES:Rules of play are in this handy-dandy printable PDF or read about it in our blog post

    : Only one color combination available at this time: birch plywood with dark brown leather. Please email us for custom color requests. 

    MATERIALS: Birch plywood, hand-dyed vegetable-tanned leather, nickel-plated steel hardware

    DIMENSIONS/WEIGHTS: Each domino measures 1 9/16" high by 3/4" wide (40mm x 19mm) and 1/8" thick (3mm) and weighs less than .005 ounces (1.5 grams) apiece. The muslin bag measures 4" (102mm) x 6" (152mm) and with the domino set weighs 1.8 oz (50g). 

    MONOGRAMMING: Sorry, this item cannot be monogrammed. 

    PHOTOGRAPHY: To see more images of customers with Walnut Studiolo gear, follow us on Instagram with hashtag #walnutstudiolo. In-use photography credit to  Erin Berzel Photography  and white background photography credit to  Austin Goodman and Aaron Lee Photography .

Customer Reviews

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Excellent Product

After a long wait (not due to Walnut, but the Royal Mail here in the UK) I have finally received my Travel Dominoes. As expected the quality is fantastic, each individual domino is flawless.

The dominoes are also beautiful and unique, you won't find anything else like them anywhere else making them very special. When deciding to buy some travel dominoes I looked around before deciding to return to Walnut where I knew I could be sure of a high quality and unique product from people who really care.
The personlised note I received further confirmed what I knew about the folks at Walnut and their genuine appreciation of customers.

Travel dominoes

1. They are awesome!!
2. They are made in America
3. Look and play great
4. Did I mention they are AWESOME!!!
Thank you for a quality product.

Exactly as advertised.

Exactly as advertised. Excellent quality and very quick delivery, even with a monogrammed box. Would highly highly recommend for dominoes fans or as a gift.

A unique, quality source of travel entertainment

Choosing between a kiddy's plastic toy domino set to take on our travels or a lovingly designed and crafted source of entertainment was a no brainer. Simplicity, quality craftsmanship and just a hint of hand made make this set a joy to own. Buy the Cribbage Board at the same time to enable playing games with more complex scoring such as Muggins or 5s and 3s. Not only are the products great but customer service is excellent too.

5 star

Travel Dominoes in Handcrafted Baltic Birch Box

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