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Braided Leather Bar Wraps

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  • SOLD OUT! Our braided vegetable-tanned leather bar wraps have good cushioning, a wonderful hand-feel, get grippier when wet and more beautiful with age. 

    The oil from your hands gives the leather a beautiful patina over time, just like your favorite baseball glove. 

    Made from vegetable-tanned leather 20mm wide lengths sewn together long enough to braid a wider-than-average drop bar. 

    Hand-finished edging assures it lays well. 

    The braided wraps are cut, skived, dyed, and edged by hand out of natural USA-made vegetable-tanned leather and finished with Walnut Studiolo's weatherproofing finish so it stands up just fine in the rain, like our Portland climate! The oils in your hands help condition the wraps and keep them in tip-top shape. 

    Braid and tie off with twine or electrical tape like your typical bar wrap. Comes with installation kit and instructions.

    Need help deciding which pair of bar wraps to get? Check out our handy infographic in the picture to the left


  • INSTALLATION: Watch an installation video on our YouTube channel

    See a picture installation guide on our Snapguide channel HERE:
    How to Install Leather Braided Bar Wraps by Walnut Studiolo on Snapguide. 

    KIT CONTENTS: Included in each purchase is a full set of leather for a set of handlebars, a stitch kit containing needle, thread, and instructions. Bar plugs not included, read more in our blog post. 

    SPARE PARTS: Replacement double-sided tape and leather care dressing available in our Parts section. 

    LEATHER: Your Walnut Studiolo product uses natural, vegetable-tanned leather and will not look exactly as pictured here. Real, natural leather carries is a natural material, so every hide has unique characteristics that individually personalize each product. Just as no two fingerprints are alike, each piece of leather is distinctive in its color, grain, and markings, which may include scars, mars, or blemishes that are a natural part of the cow's life and a sign of the high quality of the leather we use.

    COLORS: Natural, Honey, Dark Brown, Black 

    MATERIALS: Vegetable-tanned leather

    DIMENSIONSAn order of braided bar wraps comes with (4) 20mm-wide straps of leather - 2 for each side - that are each appx 5 ft long.

    MONOGRAMMING: Sorry, monogramming is not available for this item. 

    PHOTOGRAPHY: To see images of customer bikes with Walnut Studiolo leather handlebar wraps visit our Flickr page:


    For the Love of Bikes:

     "Gorgeous. Thank you!" - Cheryl

     "I bought these for my husband who is an avid cyclist and he loves them!! Thank you!" -Kristie