Price Match Guarantee

We practice the "Golden Rule" of marketing - do unto others as you would like done unto you. 

Here's an explanation of discounts, sales, and promotions at Walnut Studiolo, as well as our Price Match Guarantee.

About Sales & Discounts at Walnut Studiolo

Here's the thing: As a small handcraft family company, we don't have "sales." We're not buying container-loads of widgets from another country that we have to promptly get rid of before they're out-of-season, out-of-trend, or past the expiration date.

Instead, we design and make each product built for the long haul with the intention of offering it on our website for the long-term. Then we make the products in small batches, with frequency based on demand. Usually, when we sell a lot of something, we need to hurry up and make it instead of being happy to get rid of it! 

This reduces waste and keeps things out of landfills, but it also means that we're not in the same position as most big companies today, who offer sales and discounts of 50% or more because they need to empty out inventory regularly at any cost. 

The only major "sale" we ever do is our "AS-IS / Dents & Dings Sale", which is a limited supply sale of completely functional but cosmetically flawed high quality leather goods (such as retired display models, imperfect workshop productions, or otherwise). 

But we do offer small discounts and promotions (such as free shipping) from time to time, usually to celebrate events and holidays and show gratitude to our customers, and that's why we have committed to a Price Match Guarantee. 

The Walnut Studiolo Price Match Guarantee

If we lower our online price - with or without a broadcast* promotion/discount - within the normal returns & exchanges period, we will match our lower price upon request by issuing a refund for the difference.

For Example: Say you purchase an item with a monogram and then get an email the next day announcing free monograms. Simply email or call us and ask to have the same, and we'll refund the order for the cost of the monogram. No questions asked. 

*Broadcast discounts are publicly-announced discounts and promotions, announced on our website, social media or in email newsletters