Join the Walnut Ambassador Team! 

What the heck?

Brand ambassadors are an elite force of special friends who love our products and our company and who want to see us succeed and influence how we change. Ambassadors represent us in their local communities and interest groups, use their unique talents and interests to help spread the word about us, and give us advice. In exchange, we would do just about anything for our brand ambassadors! We always thank them with insider access, scoops, opportunities, free company printed materials, friendship, and access to special product discounts and sales.





We are an online-based  company with both national and international followings, so we're looking to be as geographically diverse as we can be. 



What's in it for me? 

You can be a part of, and represent, a really cool brand. You'll get access to insider information and opportunities, and most importantly, you get to influence and change how our business runs. We're open ears for your suggestions for improvement. Is there a cool bike shop in your neighborhood you think our work should be in? Is there a charitable bike race that you think we should have a banner at? Is there a new product you'd like to see? Do you want to test out our prototypes? Besides the intangibles of knowing you're making a difference and supporting a good company trying to do the right thing, we'll give you access to insider sales, like from our "dents and dings" and discounts like free shipping. You can talk to us about your own projects and get our advice. You'll be like our family.


What would be required of me? 

We're just getting this program going, so we don't have any formal requirements. Your time is valuable and this should not be a burden - the idea is to just "take us along" wherever you go. For example, if you're a regular visitor at a local bike shop, bring along our poster next time you go in to give to the shop owner there. We don't expect this to take more than an hour or two of your time a month. The only thing we need is for you to report back on what you've been doing, so we know to send a follow-up email to that bike store owner, etc.


Who are you looking for?

Ambassadors are an elite team, so not just anybody can be an ambassador. We need true believers. Are you a bicycle nut like us? We're mostly focused on bike communities, but if you have an interest in our products in another way (eg, cribbage, architecture/blueprint tubes, good design, upcycled/sustainable companies, Made in USA companies....), we'd like that, too! We have a quick and easy questionnaire and interview process for people interested in becoming Walnut Ambassadors.  

What's in it for you?

Here's the deal: We're a small online-based, family-run business. We don't have an advertising budget, and moreover, that's not the kind of company we want to be. We run this company because we want to work for ourselves and make cool stuff that we want and we think other people will want, too.

We're not on the traditional corporate track: we don't want investors, we don't want loans, and we certainly don't want bosses. No way. We want to be different. We are authentic and real people, and that's how we want to get the word out about us. We think other people will like us, too, if they only heard about us.

We have gotten this far because of word of mouth - people telling their friends about us. We need to amp this up just a little bit - not a lot - so that we can continue to keep ourselves and our one employee busy and earning a living wage. To get the word out, we need your help! 


Ok...I'm interested. Now what?

Yippee! Please fill out this short questionnaire: We'll follow up with a phone call or email. Thank you for your interest in becoming an Ambassador!