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Staff Pick

Deluxe Travel Cribbage Board

The Deluxe Travel Cribbage Board includes all the features we've ever wanted in the perfect on-the-go cribbage game:

  • Self-contained playing card storage 
  • Generous folding design for a stable, tabletop-like experience 
  • Lightweight and minimal for travel
  • 3 cribbage tracks for up to 6 players
  • Secure pegging on bumpy rides: pegs fit down to the hilt
  • Larger pegs are more substantial in the hand 

We craft every board in our Oregon workshop from fine hand-dyed vegetable-tanned American leather in a unique and beautiful "Honey" color. We can also monogram the Deluxe Travel Cribbage Board for a personalized piece and thoughtful gifts.

Inspired by the pocket games soldiers carried in WWII, our line of uniquely designed travel games are small enough to be portable and lightweight but large enough to be legible and substantial in the hand. All of our travel games are created and handcrafted by Geoffrey Franklin in our Oregon workshop.


  • Folding leather-and-wood travel cribbage board with a 61-point track
  • 3 pairs of quality cast 'Small' metal cribbage pegs CNC milled in America (2 of each color: brass, black, silver). The included 'Small' size is larger than the 'Mini' pegs used in the Original and Mini Deluxe boards but not quite as large as 'Standard'.
  • A deck of American-madeBICYCLE® 1885 playing cards by the US Playing Card Company
  • Peg storage envelope (which is optional for use: pegs can also be stored loose in the cut-out area beneath the cards)
  • Handwritten minibook with point-counting "cheat sheet" and rules of play


    Yes! The leather can be monogrammed with up to 6 characters using our 1/2" brass alphabet set. Monogramming can add to the turnaround time. Monogram placement example is shown in the photos, on the surface opposite from our logo. Learn more about monogramming.


    Replacement pegs are available in our Parts section:


    Local responsibly-sourced Pacific Northwest hardwoods, hand-dyed vegetable-tanned American leather, neodymium magnets   


    When closed, the board measures approximately 5" x 3" x 1" (128.5mm x 81mm x 25.4mm) and weighs 3.2 oz (91g) empty, or 6.7 oz (190g) with playing cards.

    In comparison, the Mini Deluxe Travel Cribbage Board is approximately 3.5" x 2.25"  x 1" (85.7mm x 57.2mm x25.4mm) when closed and weighs 1.5 oz (42.5g) empty, or 3.3 oz (93.5g) with playing cards. 

    The Original Travel Cribbage Board is approximately 2" x 3 7/8" x 3/8" (50mm x 98mm x 9mm) when closed and weighs in at 1.2 ounces (35g) without playing cards.


    Basic rules of play and point counting "cheat sheet" are included in our hand drawn mini book. Complete rules of play available on our website.The Cribbage Board also works for the games All Fives and Muggins, or other point-counting games. 


    Rough and tough vegetable-tanned leather cleans easily with mild soapy water. Leather care recommendations and optional leather care dressing available on our website.

    PHOTOGRAPHY: Credit to Lindsey Rickert.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews
    Jami H. (Portland, US)
    Love this board!

    Such beautiful details and materials went into making this set. You really thought of everything! We’ve definitely upped our cribbage style thanks to you!

    Roy S.L. (Flagstaff, US)
    Mostly love it - but design is slightly flawed

    I mostly very much like this Deluxe Travel Cribbage Board. Especially the compact design, the long metal pegs, the storage area for cards and pegs, and how the magnets keep the board closed when not in use.

    It is 90%+ well-put-together, but there is one design flaw that is disappointing to me. As shown in the pictures below, the pegs do not sit vertically in the holes for point values 26 and 30 but rest at an angle because of the way the wooden frame underneath interferes with the peg placement through the leather upper. (This doesn't seem to be an issue for any other point values, just 26 and 30 but is true for all three tracks.) The solid design and long pegs leaves me confident that the pegs are not likely to easily fall out of any of the other holes when using the board while traveling (say on a plane), but I am a bit concerned that for these two holes, the pegs might be less inclined to stay in their place.

    I am not a woodworker / carpenter, but wouldn't it be possible to (carefully) drill holes or hollow-out the wooden frame where the frame interferes with peg placement? Since this is in the folding part of the board, such a modification need not change the aesthetic perception of this otherwise well-crafted board when it is either open or closed.

    I appreciate the observant review and the critique is well-received.The highlighted design detail is necessary and deliberate to maximize durability, honor the wood's structural integrity, and pace out the game course. The pegs fit securely up to the hilt in all the peg holes. If you don't love it, we do accept returns. -Geoff


    Just received this and photos don't begin to do the quality justice. I am so excited to use my new board. VERY HIGH QUALITY! Thank you!!