Blueprint Tube

Our all-leather, handcrafted Blueprint Tube keeps large format documents (like architectural blueprints, maps, artwork, and posters) safe and portable. 

Impressively hand-stitched in every detail, the Blueprint Tube is made from structural and sturdy vegetable-tanned tooling leather - the same kind used in horse saddles. 

This is the perfect briefcase for artists, photographers, graduates, architects, and businesspeople looking to store or transport their most important work. 

Our customers have proudly used our archival quality leather document tube all over the world:

  • National Geographic photographers presenting prints 
  • Egyptologists carrying archaeological dig plans 
  • Sailors storing nautical maps at sea
  • Engineers toting oil derrick site plans on the job site
  • Developers and architects presenting architectural blueprints

VIDEO: Watch a 2-minute video of Geoff explaining the features of his Blueprint Tube design on our YouTube channel

FEATURES: The leather is cut from Grade "A" American-tanned hides and edged, oil-dyed by hand, burnished, glossed for weatherproofing, hand-stitched, and assembled with hardware in our Oregon workshop. It  stays shut with a permanently-attached, adjustable-length shoulder strap that tightens the lid down with a fast-release Conway buckle. It is unlined  - the leather is flexible but sturdy enough that additional lining is unnecessary. It is also undyed on the inside to protect archival contents and to keep the interior light and easy to see inside. 

COLORS: Honey, Dark Brown, Black

MATERIALS: Vegetable-tanned leather, nickel-plated steel hardware

DIMENSIONS: Interior dimensions 32" (81.3 cm) long x 3" (7.6 cm) diameter. Exterior dimensions 34" (86.3 cm) long x 3.25" (8.25 cm) diameter. 

WEIGHT: Empty, t he tube weighs 1 lb, 5 oz. 

MONOGRAMMING: Yes! This item can be monogrammed with up to 3 characters using our 1/2" font set. Monogramming can add 2-3 days to the turnaround time. Monogram font and placement is shown in the photos. Learn more about our monogramming service. 

PHOTOGRAPHY: Credit to  Erin Berzel Photography

Customer Reviews

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Map/Plan Case Repurposing

I love the workmanship involved in making this really nice leather map/plan case. That said, I am an avid fly fisherman who has been looking for a suitable leather case for my vintage bamboo fly rods - I'm old school. This case was nearly perfect except it was too flexible to provide the necessary protection for my valuable rods. So, I began searching for a protective insert that would save the day. I found that a piece of 3" thin wall PVC was almost, but not quite perfect. I modified the pipe so it would fit in the case (the outside diameter of the pipe was about 1/16" too large) so now I have the perfect traditional leather case to protect my favorite fly rods when traveling. I think other fly fishermen would like this case as well so the folks making it might want to increase the inside diameter just ever so slightly so a piece of 3" thin wall PVC could be easily slipped inside when extra protection of the contents is needed, whether the contents are plans, maps or fly rods. Its a great, well made and very attractive case that I am proud to show off to my fishing buddies. TLW

A great gift!

We purchased the blueprint tube as a gift for our home builder. He was amazed, surprised and very appreciative. Geoff and Valerie certainly make nice stuff!

Bike tool bag and Handle bar grips

Excellent quality. Beautiful design every time I’m riding I get compliments


Beautiful. Really has a lot of uses. Great seller, great experience, and super great case! Thank you :)

Blueprint Tube

Full of anticipation I was opening the box in which the tube was shipped. It was well wrapped and one could immediately see that Walnut Studiolo took a lot of care not only in manufacturing the product itself but also something trivial as the shipping of it. The tube is awesome!!! I have already used it for travels to a conference. I received nice comments and it definitely stood out from the crowd. Thanks again!
Stephan (customer from Germany)

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