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Coil Leather Bar Wraps (Bar Tape)

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Dark Brown

Intuitive to install, our Coil Leather Bar Wraps wrap around the handlebar like typical bar tape. But unlike typical bar tape, our high-quality full grain veg-tan leather is a high-performance material that is durable in the elements, warm to the touch, and gets grippier when wet.

Using the unique qualities of veg-tan leather, no sticky tape backing is required, allowing the natural leather to stay fast in place once installed, but able to be transferred from bicycle to bicycle over the years. It gets more beautiful with use and age, developing a rich patina for a lush look and outstanding handfeel. 

Like our other bar wraps, the Coil Leather Bar Wraps come as a kit that you install yourself on your handlebars. The simple coil tape design is flexible for any kind of handlebar dimensions: it can fit around H-bars, ovalized ergo bars, flat-top bars, moustache bars - plus anywhere else you might need a little wrap, including top tubes and chainstay guards. 

Tips and tricks on our blog:

Need help deciding which pair of bar wraps to get? Other questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions specifically for our Bicycle Handlebar Wraps. 

INSTALLATION: Installation video on our Vimeo channel: 

KIT CONTENTS: Included in each purchase is two straps and two gap fillers for drop bar brake levers. Each strap is one single piece of leather. Bar plugs not included. 

SPARE PARTS: Our high quality leather can be uninstalled from one set of handlebars and re-installed on a new set: simply un-wrap and re-install the same way you installed them the first time. Double-sided tape (optional) and leather care dressing available in our Parts section. 

COLORS: Honey, Dark Brown, Black 

MATERIALS: Hand-dyed, American vegetable-tanned leather 

DIMENSIONS: Includes (2) specially-designed 1.25" wide straps of leather with beveled edges, approximately 75" long which is ample length to wrap a typical drop bar with a 1/4"-1/2" overlap. Leather weighs approximately 4.5oz (128g).

MONOGRAMMING: Sorry, monogramming is not available for this item. 

PHOTOGRAPHY: Credit to Erin Berzel Photography

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
adventurepdx (Portland, US)

I was getting a little tired of the drop bars on my Bantam, but didn't want to switch to upright bars just yet. I was hoping some leather wrap would rejuvenate the ride. And by gum, it sure did! I like the look and feel of the wrap. And I also like the fact that the wrap can be reused, vs. the cotton/synth stuff that you're lucky to get a couple years out of. Recommended.

Ali T. (Omaha, US)
Just gorgeous

Second set. Completes the bike.

John C. (Aptos, US)
Looks fantastic

It was a very simple job and I'm super-pleased with the results. Please note that I reverse-wrapped the bars, from the top backwards. This avoided the VERY unsightly black electrical tape. Soak the tape in a pan of water first. It stretches to comfort with the bars quite nicely. It then shrinks and tightens on the bars, and the start of the tape on the reverse wrap seems like it's not going ANYWHERE, so I'll be shocked it it gets look. One proviso on that though is that I only ride in dry weather. If you are caught in a rainstorm it's possible that it might get loose. But where I live in California we only get seasonal rain and I stay in during precipitation events. It tucked into the bar ends easily after some judicious trimming with scissors. I got the bullwhip braided version as well, but am not certain about my abilities at wind wrapping the top bar terminals by the stem.