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Designer Profile: "Feel Good" Spaces by J & J Design Team

Leather and Wood Drawer Pulls From Walnut Studiolo "The best part is knowing that our client now has a kitchen that is an extension of him and his style. He is a professional chef who needed a cool space to create. This serves him well." Jenna Siebert is one half ofJ & J Design Team, a wife and husband duo (along with husband Jason) that specializes in custom interior design. Years of doing their own home remodeling and building a home from scratch prompted them to start their business, and a true love of working with clients is why they still enjoy what they do many years later. When Jenna shared with us photos of a recent client project using our Leather Drawer Pulls, we were absolutely stunned. Eager to hear more about this project, we asked Jenna to tell us a little about her design process.

Jenna's Interior Design Mantra: Creating a "Feel Good" Space

"I feel like everything in life needs balance. Whether it's the right amount of colors in a space or the furniture placement, walking into a room should be a visual and emotional experience. Everything needs to flow. My mantra: A space needs to "feel good." Jenna and Jason work closely with their clients to explore the clients' vision. They draw upon years of design expertise to select colors and materials and to create a layout that results in balance and stunning designs. Beyond these basics, what sets this company apart is their knack for selecting just the right finishing touches, like our Leather Drawer Pulls, that will wow the client.  

Interior designers using leather cabinet pulls

A Wife and Husband Interior Design Team: Balance on the Job

What is it like for a married couple to run a business together? As a wife and husband duo, Jenna says she and Jason are able to achieve the same balance she strives for in her interior design projects. Jenna lights up when she talks about her working relationship with her husband. "Jason and I work so well together!" She says. "We always have. We feed off of each other when it comes to the creativity and design. I can just see things and come up with most of the design ideas and Jason can build anything. We very much jive together naturally." Buying products from Walnut Studiolo meant a lot to Jenna. "I found Walnut Studiolo's Leather Drawer Pulls while searching online and I immediately fell in love. They were everything I had in my mind for this project. They are perfect! Then I realized I would also be supporting another wife and husband duo - I love it!"   A gorgeous kitchen with leather drawer pulls

Leather Drawer Pulls for a Perfect Accent

Jenna's client on this project knew he wanted concrete counters and butcher block, and he knew he wanted a dark aesthetic, but he left a lot of the details up to Jenna. "I thought theleather cabinet pulls would tie in beautifully with the walnut butcher block top and shelves. I surprised my client by using these pulls and he loved them. He was blown away. He's totally in love with his kitchen!"  

Interior inspiration with leather drawer pulls

The Warmth of Leather Compliments Concrete and Wood

Jenna says the warmth of our Leather Drawer Pulls was a key feature in creating the balance that is integral to all of her interior designs. "The Drawer Pulls complimented the concrete countertops, wood shelves and walnut waterfall island top. They also tie into the dining room which is open to the kitchen and has a reclaimed beam light fixture with a very industrial cool vibe going on." The best part for the team on the back end? Jenna says the pulls were even easy to install "From ordering to the install - easy and awesome!"   Concrete countertops with handmade leather cabinet pulls

Handmade to Last

OurLeather Drawer Pulls come in a variety of sizes, styles and colors to compliment any home remodel design. We offer cabinet and drawer pulls, tabs, knobs, and handles in leather and wood. If you're looking for interior inspiration, our pulls are an excellent place to start. We hand create each item to ensure fine craftsmanship that can endure the rigors of everyday use in a busy home environment.

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