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Back-to-Back Handle Installations

I want to use the same Hawthorne pull for an interior front and back on a barn door. Is that possible?


Our leather drawer pulls and handles can be installed “back-to-back” for the interior/exterior of a door, with two handles mounted on either side of the same door. In this post, we’ll discuss how to do it.

In this chalkboard sketch, you can see an illustration of what we mean by “back-to-back” installation on a door with our leather-and-wood Sellwood handle:

In the following photos, you can see how our Chicago screw hardware fits together as a mock-up using our hinged Burnside leather handles. The Chicago (internally-threaded) screw goes through one handle, and the back screw comes through the other handle:

The main difference with a back-to-back installation is aesthetic rather than functional: the hardware will have a smooth, surfaceless head on one side of the door, and a screw face on the other side of the door. The screw face is necessary to secure the handle to the door. Crafty customers who don’t want to see a screw head may want to consider screw caps and plugs, which are available at hardware stores and supply companies.

Our drawer pull hardware includes an internally-threaded Chicago screw with a surfaceless head (left) and a connecting back screw that secures the handle to the door (right)

We particularly recommend the Tilikum handle for back-to-back installation, because the C-shape of the handle partially hides the hardware behind the leather.

The screw heads of the Tilikum are mostly hidden by the leather itself, making it a perfect handle to install “back-to-back”

The only special consideration in ordering a back-to-back handle installation is that a typical listing on our website includes one set of hardware per handle, and you’ll only need one set of hardware for every two handles. To order half the amount of hardware, contact us to set up a special order.

About the Walnut Studiolo Leather Drawer Pull Collection:

  • Architectural Beauty: Original designs by former Architecture Principal Geoffrey Franklin, Walnut Studiolo’s collection of leather drawer pulls combines minimalist modern design with old-fashioned natural materials.
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About Walnut Studiolo

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