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When it comes to leathercrafting projects, we wrote the book on it for DK Publishing!

Original, unique designs to help with lifting and carrying your bicycle

Stunning handcrafted bicycle bags carry the essentials and turn heads!

Best-selling "commuter essentials" for making the daily commute easier

Lifetime leather bar wraps in five styles for every type of handlebar and bicycle

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Unique travel-sized classic games: dice, dominoes, cribbage

Free hand-drawn printable scoresheets, rules of play & puzzles

One-of-a-kind cribbage boards: driftwood, leather, and even a belt

Leather handles in 8 styles, 4 leather colors, and 3 metal finishes

Strong yet soft, durable and sustainable, no-bumps and no-bruises

Add a label to handles and pulls for superior organization

Flexible but sturdy, creative solutions to tricky problem corners

Wholesale Program

Thank you for your interest in Walnut Studiolo products! We're proud to be 100% American made. 

Walnut Studiolo offers wholesale discounts and retail packaging on bulk purchases to accepted and qualified retailers and businesses, including brick and mortar stores, boutique websites, and indie bike shops. We are not accepting any drop-shipping clients nor consignment arrangements. 

Accepted vendors receive wholesale pricing via Purchase Orders emailed to our business manager at 

Drawer Pulls / Design Trade Program: Walnut Studiolo also offers a Design Trade Program for our Drawer Pull Collection, with no minimum purchase required, for the Interior Design / Architecture industry. For details, go to our Design Trade page.

Useful Links: 

Line List

New Vendors

Making an Order

Email Updates

Wholesale Policies & FAQ


    Wholesale Program Details: 

    New Vendors:

    Please fill out the short application form HERE. Once we've accepted your application, we'll send you a standard keystone wholesale discount code that can be used on our website. Or email us if you have questions at

    Accepted Vendors - How to Make an Order: 

    Email a Purchase Order in your preferred format to walnut.b2b@gmail.comIn your purchase order, please specify your preferred styles, colors, thread colors, etc, using the LINE LIST for reference. We'll reply with an online invoice, which will include shipping and turnaround time, and which can be paid online using PayPal or credit card.

    Wholesale Program E-Newsletter: 

    Please subscribe to our wholesale email list HERE for important updates and announcements. We only send emails 2-3 times/year. 

    Wholesale Program Policies, FAQ and Fine Print: 

    • Wholesale Discount: Walnut Studiolo can fulfill large quantity orders with discounted prices to bicycle clubs and accepted vendors. Walnut Studiolo is a small, handcraft workshop that provides high-quality, hand-tooled, and unique designs. This means that we cannot provide progressively deeper discounts for larger orders, because we still have to make them all, by hand. Not all of our products are eligible for wholesale discounts, including website combo specials, so please read our Line List carefully. Our products that are eligible for wholesale are available for a 50% discount with a minimum purchase. Wholesale discounts are non-negotiable. They are calculated on the amount of materials and labor required for each item.  

    • Wholesale Products:Web-specials and discounted combo pricing are not eligible for wholesale discounts. Some products, such as the Blueprint Tube, are not available for wholesale due to its labor-intensive hand-stitching process. Eligible products and prices are listed in the LINE LIST.

    • Catalog: To request a Retailer Kit in the mail, please fill out this form HERE

    • Minimum Order: To qualify for wholesale pricing, accepted wholesale vendors must submit first orders of a minimum $300 of our consumer goods (after discount) and no less than 3 of any one item (mixtures of color for each item are okay - for example, 3 pairs of city grips, 1 each of a different color) - and a minimum order of $1000 of our Drawer Pull collection. 

    • Application Process: Walnut Studiolo requires new interested vendors to complete a short online application form prior to their first order. The application form is a Google form located HERE. We will contact you after receiving your application and notify, within 2 business days, whether you have been accepted.

    • Acceptance: Please note that we have enacted the following guidelines for accepting vendors:

      • Walnut Studiolo will exercise its discretion in accepting vendors. Completion of the application form is not a guarantee of acceptance. 

      • Being an accepted vendor is not a guarantee that we can fulfill all orders, depending on workload and current turnaround time. We will let you know as soon as possible if we cannot.

      • Walnut Studiolo encourages all brick & mortar vendors to apply. Conversely, it is highly selective of fellow internet-based vendors. 

    • Lead Time and Stock Quantity:It depends on your order! In the Line List, we have a column indicating turnaround time as "Fast, Medium, or Slow" - generally this indicates how regularly and how fast we make batches of each product, and it is a reflection mostly of the amount of labor time and hand-stitching involved with each product. We keep a small stock of most of our items. If we have it in stock, we can turn it around in 1-3 business days. Small out-of-stock quantities can be turned around in 1-2 weeks. Large quantities are made to order. For large wholesale orders, we require a lead time of approximately one month, more or less, depending on our current work queue. We can provide an estimate or information on inventory for you if you have specific questions, just email us at

    • Samples:As the maker of handcrafted items using an expensive material, we do not provide free samples. If you would like to put in a sample order as an accepted vendor, we will extend the wholesale discounts to your sample order. 

    • Blackout Times: Walnut Studiolo will only accept wholesale orders between January 1-October 15 due to the busy holiday online shopping season. Please put in your holiday orders early! 

    • Packaging:In the Line List, we have a column indicating which products come with retail packaging included.  

    • Hang Tags:We can provide one branded hangtag per product in each order upon request. To order additional hangtags, please email us at 

    • UPC/EAN Bar Codes: Yes! We now have UPC/EAN bar codes. UPC/EAN codes are listed as a column in our Line List.

    • Product Specs:More information about our products, including shipping weight and dimensions, can be found in the Line List 
    • Shipping: We can ship with regular post using the US Postal Service, FedEx domestically, or DHL Express internationally. We are able to ship using your preferred carrier's account number if you prefer. Please let us know of any deadlines so we can recommend the best shipping service. We can provide an exact shipping estimate once we have an order. We cannot offer free shipping on wholesale orders, regardless of size. 
    • Payment Terms: Walnut Studiolo requires payment in full prior to beginning work.   

    • Methods of Payment: PayPal or credit card are preferred. Checks and wire transfers accepted, but with a 10-day waiting period to ensure the payment clears prior to the order being sent. 


    Contact Valerie Franklin at or 503-447-6889.