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For the Media

Hello There! How Can We Help? 

We're glad to hear from you. We do our best to respond to all journalist and media inquiries within 24 hours. Here is some our commonly-requested information:  

  • For links to high-res photography for journalist and media use, please go HERE. The photographer's name is on each folder name, please credit the photographer appropriately if you can.
  • There is more photography available on our Flickr and Facebook.
  • To join our press release email list, please sign up HERE
  • To request a media kit mailed to you, please fill out this short form HERE
  • Watch a short and quotable video about our handmade process HERE


To contact us directly: 

Nicole Curcio, Media Representative, 503-473-7749

Valerie and Geoffrey Franklin, Owners, 503-447-6889