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We Joined the Etsy Strike - This Is What Happened

UPDATED 10/11/22.

On April 11th, we joined the œŠ #EtsyStrike œŠ by suspending our product listings from the Etsy marketplace in "vacation mode" for one week. In vacation mode, our products can't be searched, can't be discovered, can't be bookmarked, and can't be bought. For a small mom-and-pop crafter that got started on Etsy in 2009, this is like shooting ourselves in the foot. In this post, we'll talk about why we joined the strike and what happened.

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What Was the Etsy Strike?

On February 24, 2022, Etsy simultaneously announced both record profits to investors and yet another fee increase to sellers, a perverse combination of announcements that seems rather tone-deaf in this day and age.

The seller community reaction was, understandably, negative, because this 30% increase doubled transaction fees since 2018 -- and brought Etsy's cumulative fees (of which there areseveral) up to just under 25% while not providing anything new of value. The fee increase was purportedly for Etsy to better perform functions it was already supposed to be performing, in seeming recognition that they have been deficient on the basics already: more customer service support for sellers and more enforcement of resellers who are flooding the site with non-handmade goods.

One seller, Kristi Cassidy, a maker of Gothic, steampunk and Victorian wedding dresses, posted a call to action on reddit, which quickly turned into an organized movement. The first order of business was to create a petition articulating seller concerns, followed by a seller strike and customer boycott the week new fees took effect, April 11-18.

During the week, as many as 28,000 Etsy sellers put their livelihoods in jeopardy and their shops on strike. It's a small percentage of the 5.3 million shops cited in their press release (a figure which includes inactive shops and non-compliant resellers), but it's noteworthy that the striking shops were most likely to be the real, genuine, authentic and creative handmade crafters Etsy is known for, and the 5 million figure represents a virally-increasing wave of inauthentic dropshippers and resellers (one of the striker's complaints). The impact was quantifiable, a drop of about 1% of listings available (in the US at least), as documented in graphs of available listings created by Twitter user @CindyLouWho2:

In response to the strike, Etsy issued a bland prepared statement to the media, which was quoted in all the articles. But that week, at a Wall Street Journal event, Etsy's CEO seemingly defended his strategy of making Etsy more generic, sharing his intention to make it "an online shopping destination that can compete with Amazon" (which would be antithetical to a small, human-scale marketplace of handcrafted goods in our opinion). Etsy did not respond at all to strike organizers, neither the letter nor petition.

And yet: in 17 days, 30,000 angry Etsy sellers were propelled. They self-organized into an anti-platform activist movement, presented a petition with over 80,000 signatures to the Etsy board, had our stories told by major (and minor) media from around the globe, and brought global awareness of our issues to buyers at whiplash-inducing speeds. Notably, even the original founder of Etsy broke his 7+ years of silence to share his support of the strike:

But was it worth it for us?

Why We Joined the Strike

In order to decide whether it was worth it, we have to look at what our goals were, and whether any of those goals were met. The following were our reasons for joining the strike, posted before the strike began and edited for clarity:

We launched our business on Etsy way back in 2009, and it was a terrific place for a small handcrafter like us to get started selling their wares. But Etsy's changed, man. They went public with an IPO, dropped their B-Corp certification in 2017, and since 2018 they have: raised fees, laid off hundreds of employees, implemented punitive and unpopular forced advertising and customer service programs, and now -- they're raising fees again, by a breathtaking 30%.

We, along with other strikers, wanted Etsy to make changes to the demands listed in the petition. These issues are our most pressing:

  • Increased fees and commissions -- now approaching 25% on some orders. To accommodate increased fees, Etsy wants us to increase our prices on customers to cover their fees. We don't think that's right -- especially after Etsy posted record profits two years in a row. That's why we were forced to raise prices on our Etsy shop but kept prices the same on our website.
  • Offsite Ads mandatory advertising program with no ability to opt out: 1) takes 12-15% commission on sales, 2) advertises Etsy against our own website against our wishes, and 3) takes away our free speech rights to choose where and how we want to advertise. For example, we opted to join the #StopHateforProfit campaign to boycott Facebook advertising when we had the chance but Etsy advertises our products on Facebook against our wishes.
  • "Star Seller" program perversely rewards resellers and punishes indie businesses like us. The program requires us to maintain 95% 5-star reviews, answer 95% of all messages within 24 hours, and ship 95% of all orders on time or face punishment in search results. Delivering orders on time is never a problem for us, we think it's unfair that 4-star review is considered a punishable offense, and the message response policy requires us to work 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year or face consequences.
  • We're not buying their stated reason for fee increases: after posting record profits two years in a row, Etsy says they need to increase fees to perform the work they're supposed to have been performing this whole time: keeping the site clean of resellers and providing seller support services. Currently, although we are required to respond to customers within 24 hours, Etsy support has been taking up to 2 months to respond to seller support requests. These are basic functions of a marketplace they should already be performing with their record-shattering profits. They do not merit a 30% fee increase on indie businesses and their customers.

Even if Etsy turns a deaf ear to our demands, we hope that this strike will raise awareness and attention to these problems:

  • Customer awareness that Etsy can be bad for sellers, and that they could and should preferably seek out artisans' and makers' own websites.
  • Shareholder awareness that Etsy is in danger of losing its market edge as the "handmade" marketplace when they mistreat their genuine, handmade sellers. They are eroding their "top soil" -- their indie reputation from the 2010's -- and once gone, top soil takes years to cultivate again. By transforming into a general marketplace to compete with Amazon, they will lose their unique value proposition.
  • There is no good, authentic alternative to Etsy for genuinely handmade items. Etsy has been monopolizing "handmade" by buying up all the possible competitors to Etsy, such as DePop and Elo7. With the dubious exception of Amazon and eBay, we have no other platforms for selling our handmade wares other than our own excellent website (hosted on Shopify).

Did We Get Everything We Wanted?

Of course not!

Ideally, there were many things we wanted from a lot of different people and organizations:

  • From Etsy itself, being totally ignored was honestly a little less than we were expecting -- we sorta thought they'd send some kind of bland acknowledgement, like "message received, we'll take this into consideration". If anything, their lack of response has reinforced for us the necessity of joining the strike, and hardened us to them: this is a purely transactional relationship now. They confirmed that our history and longevity on the platform do not mean anything special.
  • From the public, however. Our strike rang a bell, and it seems to have struck a chord that vibrated among sellers, buyers, the general public, and the media far beyond our wildest hopes and dreams. We are encouraged by the support shown by our customers, Etsy buyers, and the generous attention of journalists everywhere.
  • And from ourselves, the Etsy sellers: we discovered camaraderie and shared purpose. This was so much more than we ever thought possible from putting our shop on vacation for a week. We have been kept distant from each other by the nature of the business and the lack of networking opportunities on the platform.
    But in the course of the week, we really learned how diverse and important this lifestyle of crafting is to people of all walks. Journalists in particular highlighted important stories, like how important Etsy is to crafters with disabilities and LGBTQ+ who can struggle to make a living in standard employment situations.

In Conclusion

The strike is over, but the movement for artisan livelihoods is not. Since the strike, the leaders of the Etsy Strike decided to form a "union" of sorts, a non-profit advocacy organization called the Indie Sellers Guild. But we don't want to fight Etsy or try to take on Big Tech or Wall Street. We just want a better option.

That's why a group of us have banded together to build a cooperative alternative to Etsy, which we'll talk about more in our next post: a better marketplace for artisans and customers alike.

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