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How to darken vegetable-tanned leather easily

How to darken vegetable-tanned leather easily

I just received your leathers and have installed one side of the sew-on handlebar leathers. It looks great! Unfortunately, it's still a little too light coloured for my liking. Is there any way you would recommend for me to darken it? Are there any oils I can apply to the leather? Thanks in advance!! Regards, Lloyd
Conditioning Vegetable-Tanned Leather You can darken our vegetable-tanned leather products* a shade or two simply by conditioning it. To condition, you can use Proofide, our leather care dressing, neatsfoot oil, mineral oil or even olive oil. Apply a light layer, rub it in with a clean dry rag, and let it sit overnight. The next day, buff it dry with another clean rag. You can do this as many times as you want, and the conditioner will darken it up a shade or two. Be sure to condition your product lightly - heavy coats of oil can encourage mildew growth, so you want to apply lightly and buff dry, as many times as necessary. Read our full leather care instructions here. *Not sure if it's vegetable-tanned or bridle leather? Go to the product page for the product you have, and in the second tab under "More information" there will be Materials listing. In the Materials subsection, we specify whether the product is vegetable-tanned or bridle leather.

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