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When it comes to leathercrafting projects, we wrote the book on it for DK Publishing!

Original, unique designs to help with lifting and carrying your bicycle

Stunning handcrafted bicycle bags carry the essentials and turn heads!

Best-selling "commuter essentials" for making the daily commute easier

Lifetime leather bar wraps in five styles for every type of handlebar and bicycle

Our best-selling Original Travel Cribbage Boards has fans worldwide

Unique travel-sized classic games: dice, dominoes, cribbage

Free hand-drawn printable scoresheets, rules of play & puzzles

One-of-a-kind cribbage boards: driftwood, leather, and even a belt

Leather handles in 8 styles, 4 leather colors, and 3 metal finishes

Strong yet soft, durable and sustainable, no-bumps and no-bruises

Add a label to handles and pulls for superior organization

Flexible but sturdy, creative solutions to tricky problem corners

Custom work

Custom work

We get asked to make custom products (a lot). And we like it, because we really like designing new things. Here's the thing, though: We're a bit choosy about what projects we take on. The question for us is not, will Walnut Studiolo start making dog collars and wallets? The question for us is, what have you really wanted but could not find? Because that is what we want to make. This can be simply making a variation of an existing Walnut Studiolo product, or making an entirely new product, or even doing a custom manufacturing run for another business. We welcome all these requests, even though we can't do them all. To facilitate these requests, and to make a consistent and fair evaluation process, we've implemented a new Custom Project Request Form. If you have a custom product you'd like, please fill out this form to make the request. And for fun, here are a few pictures of some projects we've done in the past: Here was a custom sew-on top tube and bottom tube protector, and open seat bag we made, a long long time ago: [embed]https://flic.kr/p/beEUKT[/embed] And for this customer, we dyed the sides of the seat barrel bag red to fit his red/black theme: [embed]https://flic.kr/p/brdxwZ[/embed] We even hand-carved a walrus with a top-hat on a customer's mud flap: [embed]https://flic.kr/p/d1vcNU[/embed] We loved laser-engraving our 6-pack for Widmer Brothers, one of our hometown breweries: [embed]http://instagram.com/p/ksEeotHiOn/[/embed] And embossing headphone organizers with a custom brass logo stamp for outstanding photographer Jim Golden (who took our poster photograph): [embed]/http://instagram.com/p/knFmCDHiGc/[/embed] Or how about that time we made a complete set of portage straps, re-sized to fit the uniquely-shaped, triangular Strida bicycle, for all the members of the Hong Kong Strida Club? That was so cool: [embed]https://flic.kr/p/d1vhEs[/embed] And finally, one of the most beautifully-photographed projects was this custom antiquing dye job and installation of this pair of sew-on bar wraps for a customer's bike put together by Detroit Bicycle Company: [embed]http://instagram.com/p/g9McJNHiG_/[/embed] You can see more pictures on our Flickr album, "Custom Work" (which is a bit out of date), and on our Instagram feed. Do you have a custom Walnut product? We'd love to see it! Share it on social media with hashtag #walnutstudiolo.    

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