Leather and Wood Cabinet Handle - The Sellwood 6"

  • Bring the warmth and romance of leather design to your home with the Walnut Studiolo Drawer Pulls Collection.

    An award-winning set featured in House Beautiful Magazine, leather drawer pulls make a sophisticated and elegant statement in any room in the home.

    The small-batch, fine leather becomes supple and develops a rich patina from the natural oils in your hands, adding a touch of luxury to your everyday routine.

    The styles are named after Portland’s bridges and present versatile options for outfitting the home.

    With a timeless look, Walnut's drawer pulls blend seamlessly into any décor style. They are a natural complement for rustic farmhouses and a clean material juxtaposition for modern minimalism.

    Learn more about our entire Leather Drawer Pull Collection in one easy place. 

    The Sellwood 6”
    unites leather and white oak wood for a pull that is perfect for smaller drawers or cabinets. Each pull comes with metal washers for installation, or create a unique look with our custom leather washers (ordered separately).  
  • Each Sellwood 6" handle is cut from all-American materials: white oak wood and belt-grade vegetable-tanned leather. The leather is dyed and finished by hand. 

    The pulls come complete with stainless steel hardware that has a clean look in front and a screw post that tightens down in back. Fits drawer and cabinet faces from 5/8" to 1 1/4" thick, with two included screw lengths.

    Each order comes with 1 handle, hardware, and installation instructions. 

    Cleans easily with mild soapy water, yet stains and scars only add to the aged beauty. More about leather care here: http://walnutstudiolo.com/pages/leather-care

    All replaceable parts. Installs with a standard screwdriver. 

    SPARE PARTS: Extra hardware kits, leather washers, and leather care dressing available in our Parts section. 

    LEATHER: Your Walnut Studiolo product uses natural, vegetable-tanned leather and will not look exactly as pictured here. Real, natural leather carries is a natural material, so every hide has unique characteristics that individually personalize each product. Just as no two fingerprints are alike, each piece of leather is distinctive in its color, grain, and markings, which may include scars, mars, or blemishes that are a natural part of the cow's life and a sign of the high quality of the leather we use.

    COLORS: Honey, Dark Brown, Black, Natural

    FINISHES: Nickel or Brass hardware

    MATERIALS: Hand-dyed vegetable-tanned leather, white oak wood, stainless steel hardware

    DIMENSIONS: 6" long wood dowel with 1" wide leather installs on the drawer face approximately 9.5" long x 1" wide. 

    PHOTOGRAPHY: To see more images of customers with Walnut Studiolo gear, follow us on Instagram with hashtag #walnutstudiolo. Photography credit: In-use photography by Erin Berzel and Michael Ward Media, white background photography by Austin Goodman

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i want to return

Adds a perfect element to our modern/vintage kitchen.

Adds a perfect element to our modern/vintage kitchen. Shipped fast!

These handles make the whole room.

Beautiful craftsmanship and totally unique! Thank you!

What Beautiful Pulls!

Such fast shipping too! Thanks so much!

Beautiful craftsmanship

I bought the Hawthorne and the Sellwood leather handles for a dresser I refurbished and they look awesome. They are beautifull with no fuss but some really good craftmanship, the installation instructions were clear and easy to follow and I am really glad I bought them!